We have a house guest this weekend.

Our pups are going to be so excited!

This is Cairo, our dogs’ best friend. The funny thing is we’ve trained our dogs not to sleep in the best, but Cairo’s daddy (I’m talking to you, David) has imparted no such lesson. So Cairo ends up sleeping between Will and me while our dogs Lucas and Chloe are on the floor. On the last day of Cairo’s last visit, though, I walked in to find Chloe lounging on bed with him! That makes Cairo the leather-jacketed bad boy who’s corrupting our little angel.

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4 comments to We have a house guest this weekend.

  • 1
    Kevin S. says:

    What’s the point of having a dog if you don’t let them snuggle up in bed with you?

  • 2
    tavdy79 says:

    My parents’ two border terriers sleep in the kitchen, and every morning when Dad goes down to make Mum a mug of tea, the younger dog, Oscar, races upstairs to get one-to-one Mum time. He’s a wriggler and loves getting under the duvet, so even if Mum was fast asleep when Dad got up, she’s always wide awake by the time he returns with her morning caffeine.
    Their older bitch, Lizzie, dawdles up a little after Dad, and goes straight back to sleep once she’s on the bed. They then reverse roles in the evening, with Oscar being cuddly and sleepy while all Lizzie wants to do is play ball or tugtug.
    I doubt you could do that with Lucas & Chloe though, since they’re both far bigger than my parents’ two. Being wriggled awake by either would probably end in being wriggled out of the bed!

  • 3
    JCF says:

    OMG, I feel like I’m getting slobbered by that tongue just looking at it! ;-p Down, Cairo: good boy!
    @ KevinS. To paraphrase Frost “Good bedroom doors make good neighbors.” As much as I love dogs, I’ve never slept w/ them in my bed. Even if all their germs and all my germs still permeate my sleeping quarters, I’d like to at least preserve the illusion that my bed is sacrosanct! And having a bedroom door gets you an enthusiastic greeting when it’s opened!

  • 4
    Ben in Oakland says:

    I think I’d like to marry that tongue.

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