Two Guys on a Date

Some of our opponents believe gays don’t want to marry. No, we simply want to destroy marriage so that nothing stands in the way of our “particular way of having sex.”

Try and make sense of that, if you can. (I tried writing something to make fun of it, but it transcends parody.)

The real problem with these delusionoids is that they simply can’t imagine two men in a romantic — not sexual, but romantic — situation. Something as natural as a couple guys having fun on a date? Utterly foreign to them.

So here’s a video of an early date I had with Will. We’d met a few weeks earlier, and this was our first all-day date. We went to the Long Beach Aquarium. I’m afraid I come off as a bit of a jerk, but it’s easy to see why I fell for this man and how natural our connection was, even when we barely knew each other.

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