TVC: Dishonest or Dumb?

While I was working on this, I found another page on the TVC website that was so filled with lies and distortions that it made me crazy mad. And I’m not talking about differences in opinion, but actual verifiable untruths. In fact, I thought they might be genuinely dumb instead of dishonest because only an idiot could hope to get away with being such a blatant liar. Watch the video before reading further:

I had to cut this from the video to keep it short, but here’s a summary of what TVC’s done here. TVC:

  • lied about the FBI’s definition of intimidation
  • lied about the FBI’s definition of simple assault
  • lied about the FBI’s definition of aggravated assault
  • lied about the number of heterosexuals included in the 242 hate crime aggravated assaults
  • invented a definition of “violence” that excludes fistfights, cuts, bruises, domestic violence, and murder
  • offered distorted comparisons of figures that aren’t in the same category
  • offered misleading information about what the FBI calls a hate crime
  • falsely implied that every aggravated assault against an LGBT person in 2007 was classified as a hate crime

And they did all that in just 215 words.

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