Truth and NOMsense

Today NOM said this on their website about a supporter from their bus tour who held up a sign calling for people to lynch gays:

NOM immediately issued both nationwide emails and a nationwide press release condemning the sign, as well as threats mounted by gay marriage radicals against NOM.

But they seem to have forgotten this July 29 statement, also from their website:

First of all, NOM has already repudiated this display of intolerance — and did so on the spot (not through a press release):

Emphasis, um, added.  I guess their July 29 statement didn’t calm the storm, so now they’re issuing a lie clarification.  At least it’s nice to know exactly how much we can trust them.

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11 comments to Truth and NOMsense

  • 1
    Dave says:

    As opposed to…regional emails?

  • 2
    Wade@MacMorrighan.Net says:

    Say, now I’m not one to point fingers at Maggie, but…I was wondering how often she wears pink? I have a working theory that women who seem to wear an inordinate amount of pink are best avoided. ;o) In my experience, they aren’t the best types of people…in fact, they usually seem to hide their wickedness, cruelty, and contempt for others behind a veil of sugar fluff! Imagine the inner persona of Cruella D’vil behind the compassionate face of America’s sweetheart, Sally Struthers and you’ll get my point! Hell, I can distinctly recall with disgust how Maggie actually smirked–she SMIRKED–on a web-feed to a Catholic group on youtube when she mentioned how demonstrably hurt Gay Mainers were. And, the very day 8after* Question 1 she was seen milling about a Gay Rights rally in Wash, D.C.! Now, if that were anyone else I’d go off that they surely must have something psychologically wrong with them…that they must not be emotionally or mentally healthy!

  • 3
    tavdy79 says:

    Wade, you’re talking about someone who is (metaphorically speaking) doing their level best to barge into other people’s homes and bedrooms and rip couples apart. That’s the kind of behaviour you normally attribute to a psychotic ex-husband or ex-wife, and is definitely not “emotionally or mentally healthy”!

  • 4
    DN says:

    Rob: great catch!

    Wade: You could add Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter to the list of pink-clad demonesses :)

  • 5
    Neil says:

    “…threats mounted by gay marriage radicals against NOM”, they claim. The gall!

    From premise to execution, the whole of NOM is an artifice of advertising and marketing the cause of anti-LGBT bigotry. They go beyond threats to absolutely promise to ensure that LGBT people never achieve equality.

  • 6

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  • 11

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