The Things People Say

I keep an eye on NOM’s Facebook page and the stuff their supporters write on the wall. I wouldn’t hold NOM itself responsible for the crap that appears, except for one thing: NOM aggressively deletes anything they deem offensive (i.e., almost anything by a supporter of marriage equality).
It’s interesting, then, to read what the moderators choose to leave up — the stuff that NOM’s leadership doesn’t find offensive. I saw a wall post that stopped me dead. A wall post, I guess, that NOM has no trouble with. If you’re not sure you want to see it then you probably ought to just skip it. I’ll post it after the jump. In fact, I’ll put a big block of text before the jump just in case.

People keep saying there is no cure for homosexuality. there are TWO
1. Salvation through Jesus.
2. Dying of AIDS.
Your choice.

There you go. At least some NOM supporters had the decency to object. A decided minority. And apparently NOM’s quick-to-delete administrators just shrugged at this one.