The Things People Say

I keep an eye on NOM’s Facebook page and the stuff their supporters write on the wall.  I wouldn’t hold NOM itself responsible for the crap that appears, except for one thing:  NOM aggressively deletes anything they deem offensive (i.e., almost anything by a supporter of marriage equality).

It’s interesting, then, to read what the moderators choose to leave up — the stuff that NOM’s leadership doesn’t find offensive.  I saw a wall post that stopped me dead.  A wall post, I guess, that NOM has no trouble with.  If you’re not sure you want to see it then you probably ought to just skip it.  I’ll post it after the jump.  In fact, I’ll put a big block of text before the jump just in case.


People keep saying there is no cure for homosexuality. there are TWO
1. Salvation through Jesus.
2. Dying of AIDS.

Your choice.

There you go.  At least some NOM supporters had the decency to object.  A decided minority.  And apparently NOM’s quick-to-delete administrators just shrugged at this one.

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10 comments to The Things People Say

  • 1
    Richard Rush says:

    While I haven’t read comments yet on NOM’s Facebook page, I have read many on AFA’s OneNewsNow site. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have a window into the world of profound raging ignorance and stupidity that allow these outfits to thrive. These are the hoards of people who dutifully send a few dollars every month to help support them. While the outfits’ leaders are smart enough to control their language for public consumption, the commenters provide the raw uncensored vile bigotry.

  • 2
    Zach says:

    Holy shit….You’d think that they at least have the decency to censor blantant hatred that is in no way disguised as hope or truth…
    If this is what they deem acceptable, then…God, I don’t even know…

  • 3
    Russ Manley says:

    Pure hate, just like McCance’s rant down in Arkansas last month, and the black preacher in the video Joe Jervis posted the other day raving about donkey semen + human semen causing AIDS.  How pathetic that these people’s whole concept of what Jesus taught is reduced to hatred of gays, and everyone who isn’t just like them.  Especially when Jesus said nothing at all about gayness.
    They have made God in their own image, and it’s devilish not divine.

  • 4
    Beau says:

    I couldn’t help but make a post to their page responding to that comment and the comments that followed.  I also couldn’t help but notice the lack of answers the woman who responded to me provided.  But, I did not stoop to their level, I was very civil about it, so I cound that as a win, and the fact that the woman didn’t answer my comment shows she didn’t have one.

  • 5
    Hanoumatoi says:

    9 people like that comment too.
    That scares me.

  • 6
    Neil says:

    The Facebook comment makes sense. Being gay isn’t a choice but being a non-Christian gay is. So if you’re a non-Christian gay, God may well infect you with HIV. God admits he has problems controlling his jealousy. Remember how he raped Joseph Christ’s fiance, Mary. When he doesn’t receive the attention he’d like, he’s perfectly willing to vengefully employ sexual assault.

  • 7
    Beau says:

    I might add, that, this post has, apparently, since been removed.  As the link is no longer working.

  • 8
    Jess says:

    I was on the group for a short time until I got kicked out for trying to tell them that their religious organizations can get in a whole lot of trouble for contributing all of those tax-free dollars to NOM and other political campaigns, but there were a LOT of vicious comments towards gays on that group. On one hand, NOM can’t control who joins the group and monitoring a group of that size is really hard. I used to admin a group two million in size and that was a bitch and a half to deal with.
    On the other hand, maybe NOM knows that this IS the fan base they have. I know there are people who are against gay rights but bear no ill will towards GLBT citizens, but fact of the matter is you really do have to have a lot of hate to work that actively against somebody whether you want to admit it or not. Not to mention, the internet gives people a certain level of freedom to exercise their true nature that they wouldn’t dare to do on a face-to-face business. Not to mention the average person doesn’t really have to worry about public image like NOM’s PR folk have to, so they can say whatever they want, even if whatever they want proves them to be a vicious bigot.

  • 9

    […] Hooray! NOM’s Facebook administrators seem to have deleted the offensive post I talked about here. […]

  • 10
    Wade MacMorrighan says:

    How is NOM not yet a hate group?  Certainly their acolytes must count to some degree in getting a group or org. officially labeled as one!

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