“That was a stupid lie, easy to expose, not worthy of you.”

Maggie Gallagher is savvy.  She leads her followers away from the truth, but usually through distortion, misdirection, obscure language, misinterpretation, and sins of omission.  It’s rare to catch her in a simple, direct lie.  But she must be in a snit, because the Southern Poverty Law Center has added 13 anti-gay organizations to their list of hate groups, and accused 5 more (including Maggie’s National Organization for Marriage) of pushing demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexuals and other sexual minorities – though it stopped short of calling these 5 “hate groups.”

On Sunday, Maggie quoted a Washington Post column by Matthew Franck:

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a once-respected civil rights organization, publishes a “report” identifying a dozen or so “anti-gay hate groups,” some for no apparent reason other than their vocal opposition to same-sex marriage.

This.  Is.  A.  Lie.

Not one of these groups – not one – appeared on the hate-group list merely for opposing marriage equality.  The SPLC specifies why it added each one.  You’ll find more details at the end of this post, but in short, the organizations were guilty of offenses like:

  • Distorting scientific research to demonize gays, even over the researchers’ objections.
  • Calling for the criminalization of homosexuality.
  • Advocating the death penalty for gays.
  • Accusing gay men of recruiting children and being more likely to molest them than straights.
  • Holding gays responsible for Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

Maggie knows this.  She includes a link to the SPLC report containing this information! We have no room to give her — or Mr. Franck — the benefit of any conceivable doubt. They may not think these items justify the “hate group” designation, but they’re committing outright deceit in saying that opposing marriage equality was the only “apparent reason.”

Maggie spread this lie in a piece called, “Is the Hate Card the Recourse of Those Unwilling to Engage the Debate?”  I happen to agree that some activists play the hate card too readily, but Maggie needs to pick her battles.  Death penalties?  Pedophilia?  Nazi Germany?  There is hate here.  (She ought to fight those battles more honestly, too, but I doubt that’s a winning strategy for her cause).

The rest of the column is mired in contradiction:

What’s going on here? Clearly a determined effort is afoot, in cultural bastions controlled by the left, to anathematize traditional views of sexual morality, particularly opposition to same-sex marriage, as the expression of “hate” that cannot be tolerated in a decent civil society. The argument over same-sex marriage must be brought to an end, and the debate considered settled. Defenders of traditional marriage must be likened to racists, as purveyors of irrational fear and loathing. Opposition to same-sex marriage must be treated just like support for now long-gone anti-miscegenation laws.

This strategy is the counsel of desperation.

Oh, there’s desperation here, and a hope to silence debate.  But more on that in a moment.  It continues:

In 30 states, the people have protected traditional marriage by constitutional amendment: In no state where the question has been put directly to voters has same-sex marriage been adopted by democratic majorities. But the advocates of a revolution in the law of marriage see an opportunity in Perry v. Schwarzenegger , currently pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. In his district court ruling in the case in August, Judge Vaughn Walker held that California’s Proposition 8 enacted, “without reason, a private moral view” about the nature of marriage that cannot properly be embodied in public policy. Prop 8’s opponents are hoping for similar reasoning from the appeals court and, ultimately, from the Supreme Court.

Do you see the contradiction?  Maggie and Mr. Franck claim we want to shut down debate, but here’s the reality:

Our side is happy to appear in the courtroom, where each side is free to present its best experts and have those experts cross-examined, leading to thousands of pages of testimony and analysis, all of it available to the public.  Furthermore, we’d love to have these hearings televised, for maximum exposure.

NOM, on the other hand, opposes the courtroom approach.  They’d rather see popular referendums on civil rights, elections where arguments are made in 30-second fits of sloganeering, safe from cross-examination, free of any evidence requiring more than half a minute to convey.  And if hearings have to happen? NOM certainly doesn’t want them televised!

I don’t want to overpaint the moral picture.  Both sides, of course, are choosing strategies that offer the greatest chance of success.  But it’s laughable for her to accuse us of shutting down debate as we struggle to bring our cause to the highest court in the land.

Why the dishonesty?  Why the logical incoherence?  Maggie and Franck point to one possibility: desperation – but on their side, not ours.  They know they can’t win the court battles.  They know their electoral victories are getting smaller and smaller.  They know they’re losing this fight.  I guess the SPLC just pushed them over the edge.

Desperation does that to you – and by the way, if you don’t recognize the title of this post, you really need to rewatch “All About Eve.”

Finally, as promised, the 13 groups added to the hate list, and a sampling (just a sampling) of the reasons for each:

Abiding Truth Ministries

Its founder, Scott Lively, blames gays for the Holocaust and claims the Nazi SS recruited gays because of our “innate brutality.”

American Family Association

Bryan Fischer, the AFA’s director of analysis for government and policy, has written, “[h]omosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and 6 million dead Jews.”  Further, he wants to criminalize homosexuality.

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

ATAH’s founder Peter Labarbera has helped perpetuate the myth of gays running the German Nazi Party.  He’s called homosexuality a “lethal behavior addiction,” and has claimed “a disproportionate incidence of pedophilia” in the gay population.

American Vision

Leader Gary DeMar believes in the dealth penalty for practicing gays.

Chalcedon Foundation

The organization wants the US to adopt Old Testament law, including the execution of gays.

Dove World Outreach Center

The group’s pastor, Terry Jones, campaigned against a gay candidate by posting signs that read, “No Homo Mayor.”  The group has endorsed Westboro Baptist Church’s condemnation of homosexuality (“God Hates Fags”), though not all of their methods.

Faithful Word Baptist Church

Its founder, Steven Anderson, has called for the execution of gays.

Family Research Council

The organization’s leadership accuse gays of being more likely than straights to molest kids, calling us a “danger to children.”  Its senior research fellow Peter Sprigg opposed immigration equality for gay couples, saying he’d rather export gays from the country than import them. He apologized for the remark, but later called for the criminalization of homosexuality.

Family Research Institute

More crap about gays and pedophilia, this time from founder Paul Cameron, who believes gays should undergo “public shaming,” and when it comes to Uganda’s Kill-the-Gays bill, he says, “Whatever they decide, I’m OK with.”  He’s also been kicked out a long list of professional psychology association after researchers complained he’s misused their data to lie about gays.

Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment

The group has said “legalizing homosexual deviations” will create a “confused and sick society.”  It also asserts “[P]enalizing people for engaging in homosexual behavior is clearly not discrimination, just like penalizing people for exhibitionism or incest is not discrimination.”

Illinois Family Institute

The SPLC added this group to their hate list for their promotion of Paul Cameron’s discredited lies about gay men.

Mass Resistance

The group’s head, Brian Camenker, has claimed that gays want to legalize bestiality and push perversion on kids, and that no gays died in the Holocaust.  The group has also perpetuated the image of gays as child predators.

Traditional Values Coalition

Yet more accusations that gays molest children.  Also that we recruit them because, you know, we can’t reproduce.

I’d love to see Maggie defend the claim that some of these groups were added “for no apparent reason other than their vocal opposition to same-sex marriage.”  But that won’t happen – because NOM, you remember, is no big fan of cross-examination.

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22 comments to “That was a stupid lie, easy to expose, not worthy of you.”

  • 1
    Ben in Oakland says:

    “That was a stupid lie, easy to expose, not worthy of you.”
    Rob , you are really a nice guy. will is lucky to have you.
    But it was EXACTLY worthy of her. It’s what she does.

  • 2
    Justin says:

    Ah, an All About Eve reference. Good on you, Mr. DeWitt.

  • 3
    Christopher Mongeau says:

    Desperation, but we have not heard the last or the worst from these groups. Desperate people resort to desperate measures. So in keeping with the theme of the title, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!”

  • 4
    Wade@MacMorrighan.Net says:

    Actually, Rob, speaking of lies, I have caught Maggie lying–directly–on national TV (CNN), before!  She was debating some pro-equality guy whose name was, I think, Tobias.  Anyway, Maggie puts her hoof in her mouth by declaring that Civil Unions are alright by her.  But, Toby snaps back immediately by calling her on her lie–even using the word “lie”–by bringing it to her attention that NOM was, at that immediate time, launching an anti-Gay campaign in WWA. state in order to defeat the new CU–“Everything But ‘Marriage’–Bill!  Gallagher, then immediately snapped back calling TOBY a liar, despite the fact that Toby was absolutely correct!  To quote Battle Star Galactica, Rob, Maggie “raises mendacity to the level of art”!  Of course, Gallagher is dearly attempting to mitigate the importance of the SPLC, and entirely ommitting the compelling reasons why they determine that a group is a hate-group!
    It’s truly [athetic that Maggie believes that labeling these groups as anti-Gay or as hate-groups is somehow an offense to (Christian) religion itself!  It’s times like these that I wish Gallagher would have simply remained an Atheist!
    One things for sure, though, Rob…  She certainly doesn’t seem to be doing her Ivy League degree any justice!  In fact, I am a freelance scholar, but I can tell you that I would never tolerate any of her sneaky misrepresentations!  I similarly can’t see any of her former teachers allowing her to get by on it!  BTW, I wonder why no one–during any of her debates–have whipped out her articles and fact-checked them with the actual evidence, thereby calling her out (publicly) on her demonstrable lies!
    Rob, you hit on something, my friend.  I think that the reason NOM doesn’t want exposure and cross-examination under the law is because by getting people to vote based on feelings, and based on their misdirecting sound-bites, they are able to engage in the Republican election-winning machine!  After all, the Rep. Party knows how to win elections at all costs.  And Gallagher is, after all, a Republican!  Remember how George Bush and the Insurance Indist. employed fear-mongering akin to NOM’s “Gathering Storm” ad?
    And, again, you are absolutely right!  One wonders how the irony can be lost on Gallagher who insists that we want to shut down “debate” on this issues, when it is they who censor their various on-line accounts, and demand that Court proceedings be as little-known as possible for fear of influencing others by showing how we have vbeen oppressed, and that history once revered us!
    Oy….considering how much money there is in anti-Gay groups, I wonder if anyone’s set up a clever faux-anti-Gay group just for the money?!  LOL!

  • 5
    Cowboy says:

    The Fourth bullet point should be re-thunk?

  • 6
    robtish says:

    Thanks cowboy! Fixed it.

  • 7
    Richard Rush says:

    Out of frustration, I’ve often viewed our responses to the relentless anti-gay attacks, including the lies, as something like responding to a termite infestation by squashing the critters one at a time. The reason an SPLC hate-group designation is so effective, I think, is that it is the equivalent of responding to the termites with a powerful termiticide treatment. Or something like that. The hate-group designation is a kind of protective barrier that weakens a group’s credibility as their talking points pass through it. People need to be reminded of the designations at every opportunity.

  • 8
    Steven B says:

    Just as Maggie’s rhetorical slight of hand in her “Banned in Boston” article forever linked same-sex marriages in Massachusetts to the blanket adoption cessation, which was actually the result of decade-old anti-discrimination legislation, this lie by Gallagher will henceforth and from now on become the parroted talking point by all anti-marriage equality campaigns. Unless this lie is put to rest it will appear in the next 30-second soundbite used to scare voters into rejecting marriage equality.

  • 9
    Steven B says:

    When I wrote “blanket adoption cessation,” I meant to add “by Catholic Charities”.

  • 10
    Steven B says:

    “Vote against homosexual marriage or be labled a hate group.” You know we won’t hear the end of this.

  • 11
    LOrion says:

    Good piece… we need all the evidence we can get so NOM can make the top of the list next year!! Course she may get so upset she’ll gain another 50 pounds or so.

  • 12
  • 13
    Regan DuCasse says:

    I just wrote to Brian Brown and had to point something out to him.  That on the same ballot as Prop. 8, was Prop. 14, I think was the number.
    Essentially Prop. allowed a responsible guardian OTHER than a parent to be able to legally accompany an underage girl obtaining an abortion.
    Note that NOM and FRC and so on are not suing to have THAT overturned. It passed by a MUCH larger margin than 8, and there wasn’t much mention of it in 08 leading up to the voting, nor has there been any mention since. There is no political action or calls for funding or tours or anything to point out this ballot measure.
    The ADF not ANY family org is rallying against this prop like that have against 8.
    Prop. 14 is actually more indicative of failing parents and families than 8 ever could be. And 8 isn’t bettering anyone’s life, gay or straight.
    So, it can’t be pointed out enough, the neglect of 14 by NOM. Which, very much points out NOM’s priorities really aren’t saving children, marriages or families.
    But totally messing with gay lives.

  • 14
    Kevin says:

    Franck was given an unfettered 16+ minute platform on NPR today.  Neal Conan let him play the victim card freely and didn’t bother to challenge the accuracy of any of Franck’s assertions.

  • 15
    Anonymous says:

    Maggie Gallagher? I believe her real name is Margaret Gallagher Srivastav. Is it possible, even conceivable, that she’s confused us with a gang of backward children to play tricks on, that she has the same contempt for us as she’d have for them?

  • 16
    Roger says:

    Prop 4 on CA 2008 Ballot:
    Yes Supporters – http://www.yeson4.net/  No Supporters – http://www.ppactionca.org/issues/teen-safety.html
    Results: 6,071,863 / 48.0% Yes votes …… 6,570,777 / 52.0% No votes
    How DID NOM, FRC, Focus on the Family, etal, allow Prop 4 to FAIL?  An Abortion & Under 18 item they ignored inorder to target LGBT Community with Prop 8?  WOW! That issue should be definetly be put into the faces of the Right Wing Organizations!

  • 17
    Regan DuCasse says:

    Thanks Roger. I couldn’t remember the exact number on the ballot except that it involved the number 4.
    I’m glad you see my point, because NOM’s essential political action is supposed to be about ‘saving’, portraying themselves as heroes against something threatening.
    Well, 4 is exactly the sort of issue that’s right up that alley. It’s a matter of a child undergoing a surgical procedure. A child who has been sexually initiated and is pregnant. And it involves the sacrifice of the unborn, and it’s also a sign of dysfunction between that child and the relationship she has with her parents.
    But did they place Prop. 4 in the sights of doing something heroic against all these issues?
    There is some deep moral cowardice at work there. VERY deep and it’s at the expense of not only a young girl in trouble, but the children of gay couples.
    NO child benefits from all the expense and speeches and outreach they’ve put into warring against gay people and the justices who understand their duty to the Constitution.

  • 18

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  • 19

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  • 22

    […] Maggie dishonestly claims that SPLC has added “a dozen or so ‘anti-gay hate groups,’ some for no apparent reason other than their vocal opposition to same-sex marriage.” (They’ve been pushing this falsehood for a while!). […]

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