Texas GOP: Proudly Following...Uganda?

The Texas Republican Party has released its 2010 platform, and where did they turn for inspiration?  To the Founding Fathers?  To a strict reading of the Constitution?  Actually, it looks to me like they turned to…Uganda.

The international community has raised a stink over Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality bill.  But the Texas GOP has built some of its key features into its party platform, including a policy of imprisoning straight people who help gays get married. I guess I’ve unfairly stereotyped Texan Republicans, because I never thought they’d want to make their state more like a country in Africa.  The parallels are damned clear, though, starting with their basic principles.

Uganda and Texas on Homosexuality’s Threat to the Family

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill:

And the Texas GOP platform (the first three lines give you the general idea — the rest just specifies the rights they want to ensure we never have):

Well, okay, we know the GOP doesn’t like teh gays.  But do they want to follow Uganda’s lead by throwing us in prison?

Uganda and Texas on Criminalizing Homosexuality



That’s a little scary.  Still, Texas has a long and proud history of sodomy laws. Surely the state GOP doesn’t want to further imitate Uganda and imprison people without even proving they committed sodomy…

Uganda and Texas on Criminalizing Same-Sex Marriage


Aaaand here’s Texas:

The Texas GOP doesn’t just want to convict the gay couple.  They want to throw in the person who issued the marriage license and the official who performed the ceremony (Uganda’s law would do the same thing, but in other provisions I’ve haven’t excerpted).  Now “felony” generally means mandatory jail time.  Or worse.  Of course, one key difference is that Uganda mandates life imprisonment, while Texas doesn’t.  Texas doesn’t say how severe they want the penalty to be.  In some ways, that’s even scarier: at least one Texas prosecutor has argued (in a different context) that life imprisonment wouldn’t be that big a deal to gays:

In arguing for the death penalty, prosecutor Morris said, “Sending a homosexual to the penitentiary certainly isn’t a very bad punishment for a homosexual” because of sexual interactions between male inmates, so a life sentence would be inadequate.

I don’t even know how to end this entry.  I guess it comes back to the fact that we can never settle for anything less than full civil equality.  There can be no compromise — there can’t even be negotiation – with people who deny your basic right to exist.  The Texas GOP controls the governor’s office, the State Senate, and the State House.  This is the platform of the people in charge.  Remember that when somebody tells you gays don’t face the same threat to our civil rights as other minorities.

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83 comments to Texas GOP: Proudly Following…Uganda?

  • 51

    […] usual, though, Republicans in Texas were way ahead of the curve on this one. Those guys are true visionaries. […]

  • 52
    SkeeterVT says:

    That the Texas Republican Party is homophobic is clear enough. Of far greater alarm to me is the party’s reckless disregard for the constitutional separation of church and state inherent in its platform statement:

    “. . . Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country’s founders and shared by the majority of Texans . . .”

    Excuse me, but not only does the First Amendment strictly prohibit the government from endorsing or imposing any particular religious doctrine, but Article VUI, Section 3 of the Constitution also explicitly prohibits any religious test as a qualification for any office of public trust.

    The Texas GOP has no constitutional right to make the law of the land its endorsement of a homophobic religious dogma. It’s long overdue to expose the GOP as being dominated by hardline theocrats.

  • 53
    SkeeterVT says:

    Quick correction: Article VI, Section 3.

  • 54
    Scott says:

    This barely sounds real to me. It’s dizzying, because it sounds like we are only a couple of steps away from seeing concentration camps in Texas. Very comprehensive article, by the way.

  • 55
    AaronC says:

    There’s a nice flame war going on between Anon and BradP (of course, I agree with BradP on every point he’s making). But no one’s successfully elicited a response from Anon re the issue of Anon’s blanket support of anything, however wrong, favored by the majority — everything from ’60s-style bans on interracial dating, to pre-suffrage laws not allowing women and blacks to vote, to present-day bans on same-sex marriage.

    What say you, Anon? (BradP might’ve been correct, though, and I’ll see about this, when using the Frank quote: “…trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table.”

  • 56
  • 57
    BradP says:

    AaronC–that’s because Anon knows he’s wrong on that point.

    Or he believes that he is right, but recognizes that his view is so repellent that he’s afraid to say it.

    Of course, all these people who think it’s fair and just to pass laws discriminating against gay people because we make moral judgments would turn around and shriek bloody murder if we started passing laws concerning Christians (and before Anon makes some argument about “freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution,” the 1st amendment only speaks of establishing religion, not about freedom. Thus if he’s being some sort of “if it’s not in the constitution it doesn’t count” (his extra-constitutional argument), he’d be forced to concede that in fact provided the law were simply persecuting Christians (let’s say, a law prohibiting christians from having lights-out-missionary-only-and-only-for-procreation sex and requiring them instead to have buttsechs or none at all) and not establishing an official religion, it would be a-o-kay.)

  • 58

    […] anti-gay platform with that of Uganda’s. It made for an interesting read. Cudos to Waking Up Now for a fine […]

  • 59
    BayCityJohn says:

    RE: James Stone
    “I wonder what the folks in the Log Cabin or Go Proud think of this??”

    Log Cabin tried to deal with this 2 years ago.

    This language has been in the platform for at least 6 years. It’s nothing new.

    Log Cabin Republicans seek change in party’s stance on gays

    Log Cabin Republicans say ‘mean-spirited’ words fuel Democrats

    March 1, 2008


  • 60
    John Beresford Tipton says:

    Why is Texas still part of America? It really appears everything coming out of that enormous shithole is regressive, psychotic or just plain treasonous ( i.e., Blackwater, the policies of GW Bush, the oil barons partly responsible for the ooze currently eating up the Gulf Coast.)

    The next time that moronic governor suggests secession, let’s help him pack!

  • 61
    BradP says:

    John Tipton: No kidding. I’m quite fed up with southern states in general griping about how terrible the US is and how they are oppressed by the north and the federal government. A good compendium of statistics can be found here: http://www.fuckthesouth.com

    If they want to leave, let ‘em. And if they want to cut their taxes down to zero, great, we’ll enjoy our roads and schools while they rot. And if they want to kick out all the gays/latinos/liberals, even better–they’ll come to our cities and make them better and richer places.

  • 62

    […] released their “2010 State Republican Party Platform” and its filled with hate and bigotry.  One blogger even likened the platform to being very similar to that of Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill – […]

  • 63

    […] was originally going to blog about the similarities of the GOP platform to Uganda’s anti-gay bill, but PZ beat me to it, so I decided to shamelessly copy […]

  • 64
    Kansas says:

    I AGREE WITH TEXAS!!!!!!!!!

  • 65
    AaronC says:

    Kansas: is that sarcasm?

  • 66
    Summer says:

    Actually, the First Amendment does NOT only address establishment of religion. The first Amendment says:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    FREE EXERCISE. Meaning that government cannot make laws that interfere with the freedom of people to worship (or not) as they please. Of course, in my religion, same-sex marriage ceremonies are as sacred as those for heterosexual couples. Therefore, the Texas GOP is already guilty of attempting to violate the First Amendment.

  • 67
    BradP says:

    Summer: Indeed, that argument was made before the Supreme Court of Canada in the same-sex marriage reference. Various religious groups also testified before the House and Senate to the same effect.

  • 68

    […] Mormons busted for lying about contributions to Prop 8 political action. Texas  Repubs trying to criminalize homosexuality. Obama doing lots under the radar to help the […]

  • 69

    […] wedding ceremony and a whole array of crazy things that would affect everyone — the blog Waking Up Now compares the anti-gay parts of the GOP 2010 platform to the Uganda anti-gay […]

  • 70

    […] marriage license. The anti-gay language in the platform has prompted headlines on some blogs comparing Texas to the African nation of Uganda, which sought to impose the death penalty for […]

  • 71
    Ioan Lightoller says:

    This needs to be fought and pronto. I understand that the Montana GOP has a similar platform. These people are dangerous–to be honest, though, I have seen this coming for some time now. I have maintained that Uganda is something of a “dry run” for the US. This has to be fought and stopped NOW. And the nice thing is that it IS fightable–there are ALL kinds of constitutional issues here.

    I didn’t think of the Freedom of Religion, Brad, but excellent point. I am a Pagan and my religion considers the handfasting of a gay or lesbian couple to be every bit as sacred as that of a heterosexual couple. Maybe the churches that support us could get something together with that particular thrust.

    These people are just a bunch of sick hypocrites–unfortunately they are dangerous, sick hypocrites.

  • 72

    […] Sure the Supreme Court nixed anti-sodomy laws with its 6-3 Lawrence v. Texasdecision, but Texas Republicans want to turn back the clock. They also want to it be a felony for anyone to issues a marriage […]

  • 73

    […] it’s a great idea!  This week, the Texas GOP released their 2010 platform, which included the re-criminalization of sodomy as well as imprisonment for straight people  who help gays get ma….  Texas’s original anti-sodomy law was on the books from 1860 – 2003, when the Supreme […]

  • 74
    Tyrone says:

    It is so very obvious what the Republican politicians and right wing news are doing! Just saying over and over that President Obama and his administration has done nothing while in office. PURE LIE! All of a sudden Republican politicians are saying they can fix the country and they have the answer. BULL! These are the same idiot that mess up the country and made the United State of America look weak around the world. What the Republican Party and the right wing news is hoping to do is just LIE LIE LIE! They believe that most people that listen to them are either real real STUPID or real real RACIST. They also believe like Bill O’Reilly that most white American voters HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT! Without investigating past the idiot or racist that gave them the news! Republicans like Sarah Palin a known quitter and pure idiot criticize the President for doing his job and not quitting! This idiot is a star republican that everybody knows is an IDIOT! Then it’s Republican Senator John McCain a pure liar and flip flopper! Then the king of Republicans….Republican President Ronald Reagan is a hero of the Republican Party a man that serve the country suffering from Alzheimer for the last 2 and a half year in officer. Republicans after Republicans have a proven record of being pure idiot! Republican have voted against the recovery of the country. Republicans have attack Muslims, Gays, Single Women some made single by the wars they started! Republican have attack the unemployed calling all unemployed lazy! A Republican apologize to BP for the government investigation of BP’s disaster! Former President G.W. Bush was the worst President in American history that had the worst Vice President in American history. Both will never answer for the horrible way the left the country! Nor do they CARE! President Obama and all Americans should continue to blame those two idiot for the condition of the country TODAY! They gave to the rich and the rich screwed the country. The Bush tax’s cuts for the rich allowed the rich to laid off cut benefits from people and pocket allot of profit and put much of their profit in oversea account! Today these people are sitting on trillion of dollars and just like Bush/Cheney and the republican party could give a damn about the country! All the Republican’s pundits that talk about the unemployment rates have two and three jobs….So maybe if they cared so much about the unemployed they will give up one of their jobs! YEAH RIGHT!

  • 75
    ManPuppyMen says:

    There actually is some good that can come out of this: Exposure of these crackpot, blowhard, idiocratic fundamentalists for what they are: fear-mongering relics of an embarrassing past when it was OK to burn crosses on human beingss lawns and burn down their churches. Texas may turn blue just out of sensible reaction!

  • 76

    […] I wonder. Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Digg This! Share on StumbleUpon Share on Reddit Buzz […]

  • 77

    […] Republicans in Texas want to ban homosexuality and with a platform that sounds remarkably similar to that of Uganda, they want to imprison straight people who help gays get married. […]

  • 78

    […]     Republicans in Texas want to ban homosexuality and with a platform that sounds remarkably similar to that of Uganda, they want to imprison straight people who help gays get married. […]

  • 79

    […] that not being heterosexual is morally wrong and a sin for which one deserves to burn in hell. The Texas GOP platform, for example, argues in favor of bringing back sodomy laws and making it a felony to issue a […]

  • 80
  • 81

    […] the Republican Party 2010 Platform for the State of Texas promotes the criminalization of gays and the felony conviction of anyone who marries same-sex […]

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  • 83

    […] released their “2010 State Republican Party Platform” and its filled with hate and bigotry.  One blogger even likened the platform to being very similar to that of Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill – […]

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