I love Slacktivist.

He pulled me in a few months ago with his intense weekly critique of the Left Behind series, a set of end-times novels about the the Anti-Christ. Slacktivist has a wonderful time showing they’re not just bad fiction but bad theology, too.

He’s a writer, and his literary commentary is great fun. He’s also a liberal evangelical, which makes his critique of conservative evangelism (or this brand of it, anyway) especially interesting. I spent a huge chunk of time devouring those entries for the sheer pleasure of it. Fortunately, a fan put together an index of them (start with Left Behind, not Tribulation Force).

Actually, his page-by-page breakdown of Left Behind helped inspire my current project on Robert George. And he wrote something the other day that any George critic can appreciate, even though he was addressing something altogether different:

The point here is that if one has followed a path that leads inexorably to a conclusion that is absurd, monstrous, evil and inhuman then one should retrace one’s steps. If your devotion to ideological purity or biblical purity has led you astray, that doesn’t condemn you to remaining astray forever. Return to Go. Start over. Try a different path — one that has some hope of leading you somewhere that is not absurd, monstrous, evil and inhuman.

Lots of great stuff here. Give it a look. He’s got a list of favorite entries on the right side of the page — you might start with this one on vampires (!), which opened me to an idea I never would have imagined on my own.

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