Sick Queers: The Mask Falls Away

I’ve taken a stand against throwing the H8 label at everyone who opposes same-sex marriage.  But it grows ever more obvious that the leaders of that opposition do deserve the label.  They try to mask it, but they can’t help letting it show. 

Here’s a quote from the American Family Association:

Does AFA Hate Homosexuals?

Absolutely Not! The same Holy Bible that calls us to reject sin, calls us to love our neighbor. It is that love that motivates us to expose the misrepresentation of the radical homosexual agenda and stop its spread though our culture. AFA has sponsored several events reaching out to homosexuals and letting them know there is love and healing at the Cross of Christ.

Apparently, they didn’t realize we could see how they name the audio files they upload to their “news” website, onenewsnowHere’s what they call voice commentary on Obama’s hospital visitation order by reporter Charlie Butts:


Get it?  Charlie filed a voice report on sick queers.

Listen, AFA, some of us want to believe you don’t hate us.  You just make it impossible.  But that’s okay.  Our great hope is that your hatred will alienate the great undecided middle of the electorate — people who would vote for us one week, against us another, and aren’t sure they favor gay marriage, but know they don’t want to ally themselves with promoters of hate.

HUGE thanks to for this find.

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1 comment to Sick Queers: The Mask Falls Away

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    Christopher says:

    You’ve probably already realized this, but this fits thematically with your previous post (The Paralysis of Backed-Up Anger). People often unintentionally reveal their true attitudes when they speak without thinking or when they think what they’ve said will go unnoticed–which I think is what may have been the case here.

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