Republicans in Congress

Watch before you read.

I’m sure all politicians careen between saying what they believe and spouting whatever crap will get them elected. But it seems like* Republicans have adopted a universal strategy of popular deceit, and if they speak truth it’s only by coincidence. Here’s the pattern I’ve seen:

  • Toss out a slew of outrageous lies.
  • Watch for one to capture the public’s imagination.
  • Turn it into jargon (“death panel”) that sticks in voters’ heads.
  • Step back from the lie when it’s debunked, and craft a milder (still dishonest) version. But keep the original jargon.
  • Repeat as necessary. Debunkers eventually move on to tackle some new lie, leaving the last version in place and the jargon established.

Republicans sound like they’re conducting a giant experiment in saying whatever they can get away with, and I suspect they’re surprised as any of us by some of the results. That’s probably too harsh, though. What’s worse is that a good chunk of them might believe the stuff they say. That’s the difference between, for instance, Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann. Either way, the country loses.

Take a closer look at the comments described in the video.

* It’s been pointed out that people might interpret this bit of hyperbole literally. To be clear, I do not believe that all Republicans are liars, or that the average Republican citizen lies more frequently than the average Democrat — merely that the abundance of deception from many leading Republican politicians made it seem so (you know, as when people say something along the lines of “It seems like no one says ‘thank you’ anymore,” without meaning it absolutely literally). I’m a bit surprised I need to clarify my use of this common expression, but I’ll admit it was needlessly inflammatory, and I do apologize to those Republicans who have not uttered lie after lie after lie in an attempt to bring down Obama by any means necessary, including the deliberate deception of their constituency.

If you want to heckle the president during his address to the nation

I’m referring to Addison Graves Wilson — or Joe Wilson, as he prefers to be called. At Obama’s September 9 address to a joint session of Congress, Joe yelled, “You lie!”

Joe later explained, “Illegal aliens could get the benefits, they could get the subsidies.” Politifact has shown this itself to be a lie.

If you want to suggest smacking around your wife doesn’t truly count as assault, and neither does killing homosexuals

Watch this clip of Louie Gohmert. At the 1:00 mark he starts in with outright lies:

I’ve dealt with this sort of analysis in a prior post. Check it out for a complete debunking. For now just note what Louie said about LGBT hate crime victims in 2007, “There were only 242 crimes where there was actually some — truly an assault.”

He’s referring to these figures. Here’s how you get his number:

  • Ignore anti-gay murders. These are listed in his source, just two columns over from the 242 number, but he doesn’t mention them. So killing gays doesn’t count.
  • Ignore anything the FBI calls simple assault. Simple assault simply doesn’t count as assault to him. The FBI give an example of simple assault:

A married couple was arguing about financial problems. The husband slapped his wife and left the house. The wife followed him, and they continued their argument. The police responded to a call by a neighbor. The wife told them that her husband slapped her. The police arrested the husband for domestic violence.

So, to Louie Gohmert, smacking around your wife doesn’t truly count as assault.

Does he believe what he’s suggesting? I hope he’s just an incompetent legislator making a special effort to air false statements that he hasn’t confirmed but believes because they suit his bias and agenda. Yes, that would be giving him the benefit of the doubt.

If you want to warn foreign governments not to trust the United States

In 2009, on a trip to China (which owns $700 billion in US Treasury bonds), Mark Kirk told Chinese officials not to believe budget numbers released by the US government. Why? In order to build their trust in us.

Black is white. War is peace. Disbelief is…trust.

If you want to refute scientific research by quoting Biblical prophecy

John Shimkus quotes Genesis and Matthew to prove we don’t have worry about humankind destroying the earth. I guess all the fuss about nuclear war was no big deal, either.

If you think wives should be submissive to their husbands

Michele Bachmann is low-hanging fruit on the crazy tree, and this is one of her milder statements. Apparently she’s let her husband dictate her career, even entered fields she hated, because “the Lord says, Be submissive — wives, you are to be submissive to your husbands.” (1:37 into the clip).

Michele’s statements are so consistently jaw-dropping that she’s had to make them part of her electoral appeal. For a long time, my favorite was her belief that swine flu only rages during Democratic administrations (not that there’s a link, mind you, she’s just sayin’…) — even though the other outbreak she mentions was under Ford, not Carter.

But she’s topped that with her plan for bringing down Obama’s health care plan:

What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass.

First, though, make sure your health insurance covers slit wrists (and can you add your blood brother as a family member?).

If you want to pass laws to establish the Bible as the Word of God for all Americans

Randy Forbes wants to place the Lincoln-Obama Bible on permanent display upon the Lincoln table at the Capitol Visitor Center. He introduced a resolution with a long list of WHEREASs, one of which was:

Whereas the Holy Bible is God’s Word

Randy must not know the First Amendment prohibits Congress from establishing a state religion. Randy’s shown his incompetence in other ways, too. He once opposed expanding hate crime protections to gays and lesbians by saying this of the Perez Hilton/Carrie Prejean Miss USA ruckus:

Had [Hilton] done what he said he would do and stormed that stage and pulled that tiara off [Prejean’s] head and [inflicted] bodily harm when he did it, there would not have been one ounce of protection under this piece of legislation for that young girl.

As Right Wing Watch points out, the opposite is true:

Under the current hates crimes law, violent crimes targeting someone because of their real or perceived religion are already covered and carry enhanced penalties, whereas violent crimes targeting real or perceived “sexual orientation” are not…

Still, you can’t expect a Congressman to be an expert on everything. It’s not like Randy is a is a former ranking member of the Judiciary Crime Subcommittee. Except, you know, he is.

If you want to scare women with a false link between abortion and breast cancer

Retired Congressman Bill Sali repeatedly asserted that women who have abortions are more likely to get breast cancer. There’s no evidence to support this. Here’s someone impervious to scientific evidence that runs counter to his political beliefs. Or is he an ambitious politician willing to say anything his voting bloc wants to hear? I wish I could see into the heads of these people. Either way, they turn truth and fact into roadkill on the political highway.

One more thing — while in office, Bill fretted mightily over a Muslim elected to Congress and a Hindu chaplain chosen to offer the opening prayer one day in the Senate. “You know, the Lord can cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike,” Bill said. He’s afraid the Hindu prayer “creates problems for the longevity of this country.”

If you think stiffer penalties for violent attacks on gays are a threat to your freedom

Yep, Louie Gohmert again. He does have a thing about the gays.

Even though the bill ends with this clause:

Nothing in this Act, or the amendments made by this Act, shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any activities protected by, the Constitution.

Religious expression is protected. Actually, any sort of speech previously protected by the First Amendment will remain protected. Did you know Gohmert used to be an appeals court judge?

By the way, what he says around 0:45 in the video? About the legislation duplicating laws that exist in every one of the 45 states in the union? He’s wrong. And not just about how many states there are.

If you think same-sex marriage is a purely socialist concept

Steve King said this on a WorldNetDaily radio show.

If there’s a push for a socialist society, a society where the foundations of individual rights and liberties are undermined and everybody is thrown together, living collectively off of one pot of resources earned by everyone. That is, this is one of the goals they have to go to is same-sex marriage because it has to plow through marriage in order to get to their goal. They want public affirmation. They want access to public funds and resources. Eventually all those resources will be pooled because that’s the direction we’re going. And not only is it a radical social idea, it is a purely socialist concept in the final analysis. [emphasis added]

Steve King also was the only vote in all of Congress to oppose a plaque commemorating the role of slaves in the construction of the Capitol Building. He did it to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage. But don’t let your head explode yet. Wait for this quote from his press release:

Last night I opposed yet another bill to erect another monument to slavery…

Yet ANOTHER bill? For ANOTHER monument? My God, Marilyn, what do these people WANT?

If you need someone to call Michelle Obama uppity

In 2008, Georgia representative Lynn Westmoreland was commenting on…oh, just listen to the audio.

And then watch this.

If Obama’s election sends you looking for a great white hope to save the GOP

Lynn Jenkins, from Kansas.

If you want to push your political agenda by exploiting the fears of senior citizens

You know where this is headed.

I love her directness. No meek statement from Ginnie. She’s not worried about seniors dying from neglect or waiting in long lines. No, she’s all about them being put to death. By the government! It takes a special kind of courage to come out against that sort of thing.


I can’t say it any better than this:

Representative Stephen Buyer(R-ID) knows that by the middle of next week, the skeptical seniors will realize that they are on a single payer government run Medicare and the “kill granny” scare tactic was a hoax, so he is prepared to use the third bullet in this debacle by going after the veterans. Representative Buyer sent out a letter stating that “Major veterans’ organizations are speaking out against several provisions within the proposed House version of the national health care reform plan that could adversely affect veterans and their families.” Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA), retired United States navy rear admiral and the highest former ranking military officer serving in Congress said “Section 202 prohibits the Health Care reform bill to affect VA benefits and their dependents.” Congressman Sestak went onto say that 265,000 veterans and their dependents that were above the $34,000 threshold limit ,were removed from the rolls of the VA in 2003 , without much fanfare from the republicans but Obama’s new budget will restore many of those same veterans and their dependents back into the system. As of today, 500,000 veterans and their dependents have been removed.

Seriously, pushing your agenda by trying deceive senior citizens — and now veterans? Can Republicans go any lower?

…and parents of disabled children

In September, Trent Franks offered this warning about the Democrats’ healthcare reform bill to parents of disabled kids:

We run into one reality: the rationing of care because you have to decrease the costs. There is always, always rationing and restrictions, which fall on the most weak.

Trent is right about the problem but wrong about the bill. There’s rationing already, done by health insurance companies that deny claims, terminate coverage, and refuse to insure those with pre-existing conditions. The reform bill tries to address those issues. “I’ll never vote for government-run healthcare,” Franks has said elsewhere. But “government-run healthcare” is one of those scary, dishonest bits of Republican jargon. The bill doesn’t put the healthcare system under government control, or put treatment decisions in the hands of government bureaucrats.

It’s hard to cast Trent as a bad guy in this debate. He was born with a cleft palate, and his late brother had Down Syndrome. He has every reason to take a deep and sincere interest in how disabled kids will fare under reform. But that makes him all the more dangerous when he distorts the truth.

Trent portrays himself as a defender of moral values, but that doesn’t prevent him from entering half-truths into the public record. In his opposition to extending hate crime protections to gays and lesbians, he spoke of the “Philadelphia 11″:

Eleven individuals were jailed and faced $90,000 in fines and 47 years in prison for simply speaking the Gospel openly and publicly.

Well, no. Trent doesn’t mention that police intervened when the eleven individuals tried to disrupt a publicly-permitted event and were charged with disorderly conduct after they ignored police orders to disperse for the sake of public safety. And ultimately none of them were tried under Pennsylvania’s hate crime statute, because these laws simply do not criminalize speech. Trent says none of that.

And by the way, existing hate crime legislation protects Christians (and other religious believers). Does his principled opposition include this protection, or was he moved to speak only when the gays got involved?

In this post I’ve only listed comments by US representatives. If you want to include state officials, the world gets even crazier.

You almost expect this sort of lunacy at the lower levels of government. But everything else in the post came from our representatives in Congress. The Republican party today has little interest in developing constructive policy. Its reps would rather spend their energy offering up ridiculous claims to see if they can ride a wave of deceit back into power. Hopefully, they’ll just catch a riptide and get pulled further out to sea.

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150 comments to Republicans in Congress

  • 1
    Linda Noble says:

    AMEN! I want to send this to everyone I know.

  • 2
    Janek says:


    Thanks so much for this, it’s inciteful and well put together! Even here in Australia, we follow what’s happening, and it’s amazing how close-minded the republicans are. Well done, and keep up the fight!


  • 3
    Stan VanGauss says:

    This is the most deceptive website I have seen.

  • 4
    tavdy79 says:

    Re. Louie Gohmert, I did some more calculations on those FBI hate crime figures, factoring in US population figures for each group.

    According to last year’s exit polls, 4% of Americans self-identify as LGB, for a total population of 12.25 million. According to CIA figures, 51.3% of Americans are Protestant for a total population of 157 million, so there are 12.8 times as many Protestants as LGBs.

    The FBI figures list 4 aggravated assault hate-crimes against Protestants, and 241 against LGBs, so there were ~60 times more aggravated assault hate-crimes against LGBs than Protestants; multiply that by 12.8 and you get 770 times more aggravated assaults per capita. The figures for all violent hate-crimes (i.e. crimes against persons, plus robberies) are 12 against Protestants and 1074 against LGBs, so there were ~90 times more violent hate-crimes against LGBs than Protestants; that’s 1150 times more violent hate-crimes per capita. The figures for all total hate-crimes are 59 against Protestants and 1433 against LGBs, so there were 24 times more violent hate-crimes against LGBs than Protestants; that’s 310 times more hate-crimes per capita.

    This proves pretty conclusively that LGBs face vastly greater risk of hate-crime than Protestants. However LGB hate-crime victims are more likely to be victims of violent hate crime than are Protestant hate-crime victims: 20% (12 of 59) of hate-crimes against Protestants were violent, compared to 75% (1074 of 1433) of hate-crimes against LGBs, and while there were five homo- or biphobic murders, there were none listed against Protestants.

    It’s worth noting that the FBI’s figures for homophobic hate-crimes are likely to be very much lower than reality as they are based on data reported by state law enforcement agencies, not all of which collect data on homophobic hate crimes. The states least likely to collect this data are also the ones least likely to have statutes outlawing homophobic hate crimes, usually due to deep-seated homophobia in the legislature, law enforcement agencies and electorate that collectively raise the likelihood of homophobic hate-crime.

  • 5
    Andy says:

    Awesome, now do a Democrat version too! There is so much material to work with – these politicians are idiots.

  • 6
    Michael Crose says:

    Wow! Can you imagine if you put your bias aside and put this same research and effort into crafting a similar effort called “Democrats in Congress” ,what you would come up with? It would downright hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic. You could fill up your website just on the shenanigans and criminal behaviour of Barney Frank alone. Did you know that more LGBs are killed by other LGBs than those that are actual victims of hate crimes? Data can say whatever you want it to say if your motivation is so inclined. Politicans lie and manipulate, that’s what they do best ,so we don’t need the public to do the same. Good work but your bias taints your results.

  • 7
    Dan says:

    I just forwarded this to everyone I know.

  • 8
    Leslie says:

    You are a genius and I am sending this to everyone I know. Rock on!

  • 9
    Rhayader says:

    Hah, great video. Although you should have included the dems too, as there are just as many mentally handicapped egotists on that side of the aisle as well.

    I do have to say that hate crime legislation is BS, particularly at the federal level — not that the Republican opposition attacks it from any but the most homophobic and sensationalist of angles. There are legitimate constitutional objections though, particularly surrounding freedom of speech and double jeopardy.

  • 10
    benAmerica says:

    Great vid. smart and funny. it’s getting reposted all over facebook. i will do the same. good luck!

  • 11

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  • 12

    Great post, I just linked it on my blog. Nice site you have here.

  • 13

    […] quoting Biblical prophecy…There’s a rep for that,” it says. In the accompanying blog post the video’s auteur explains his claims and sums it up by saying, “The Republican party […]

  • 14

    Steve says: “This is the most deceptive website I have seen.”

    Specifically, which part?

    Andy says: “Awesome, now do a Democrat version too! There is so much material to work with – these politicians are idiots.”

    Specifically, which ones?

    Michael says: “You could fill up your website just on the shenanigans and criminal behaviour of Barney Frank alone”

    Specifically, which ones?

    Rhayader says: “Hah, great video. Although you should have included the dems too, as there are just as many mentally handicapped egotists on that side of the aisle as well.”

    Specifically, which ones?

  • 15
    Jim Dunn says:

    So perfect. Thank you.

  • 16
  • 17
    Bren says:

    I always find it interesting that those who defend the Republican crazies do so by saying “But the Democrats do it too!”, as if that somehow justifies their extremism. As if the stupidity and corruption of some liberals is equivalent to the “I-can-do-crazy-better-than-you” madness of the congress people above. Not to even mention the Becks, Coulters, and Limbaughs of the talk radio universe who have become the ideological heartland of conservatism. One wonders whether this knee-jerk opposition to government has now been taken so far that the Republicans could be thought of as anarchists. At it’s core, the conservative agenda is based on the absolute trembling terror of frightened, small-minded people at the prospect of others living their own lives in ways that do not conform to conservatives’ beliefs. Liberals do not seek to compel conservatives to change their ways; they are willing to accept that their are many acceptable ways to live one’s life. Conservatives, on the other hand, appear to feel that the VERY EXISTENCE of other ways of living is an apocalyptic threat to them that can only be met with absolute opposition on every front.

  • 18

    […] Rob Tish of WakingUpNow created it. […]

  • 19
    DFCtomm says:

    I made it through the first video and your misrepresentation of what Rep Gohmert said, but stopped after that. You do more harm to your cause with blatant lies, than your enemies will ever do. I would be ashamed if I had misrepresented an opponent in such a manner. It is cowardly and dishonorable. This website is a cesspool of hate every bit as deep as stormwatch. You can wail and gnash your teeth in reply to this post all you wish but I will never darken this place again to read them.

  • 20
    GregTheftAuto says:

    Just prior to reading this article, I had been listening to the parody news stations in Grand Theft Auto IV. I hear the things they say and take it as a joke. I read this and hear it from the videos and I feel a certain fear creep into my consciousness.

  • 21

    […] From the website Waking Up Now. […]

  • 22
    gatherdust says:

    The absurdity and mendacity of Republicans have reached such a level that their almost beyond the reach of satire and irony. The commenters who shout bias and then demand a version that exposes the villainy of Democrats are also basically beyond hypocrisy since there’s little in the joke here that they would repudiate. For them xenophobia and homophobia are proper responses to social change. If one idolizes those who excel at pettiness, bigotry, bullying, ignorance, bellicosity, and a flare for verbal flatulence, then there’s a real market for these new iPod reps.

    I do believe this commercial would not be out of place on the new RNC website.

  • 23
    Iloverepublicans says:

    I love your article, perfect.

    I love Republicans, slowly turning on the spit. They can’t handle the truth, I get constantly bombarded by their twists and lies, it is so fun to see them, stammer when confronted with the truth and stop speaking all at because their leaders haven’t told them what to say.

    Just listen to the crap that spews from their mouths when left on their own. It is embarrassing, I spent the last 8 years apologizing to my friends overseas for GWB, no one could believe that America could elect such an imbecile. These people in congress are the left-overs of that era where it wasn’t cool to think or be intelligent, after all be like the president. At least with our current president, he is inspiring thought and reason over the knee-jerk reactionaries of the past. It is a drastic change and a inspired discourse is good for America.

    Bravo on your blog!

  • 24
    Patrick says:

    “Thanks so much for this, it’s inciteful and well put together!”

    Inciteful? How’s that public school education working out for you? Or were you being ironic?

  • 25

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  • 26
    Ainawing says:

    I found your video funny, BUT…about your judgment of Rep Gohmert:

    I watched the video of his speech twice. It’s impressive, that you picked that minor failure of his speech (It was an error, yes. But as a former judge he probably makes a difference between simple assault [assault not resulting in injury] and “real” assault [resulting in injury]) and turned it around to slap him in the face with it.

    And you totally missed the main point. He has reviewed this law and addressed his speech as a former judge, analysing the effect it will have in court (where a law should really end up doing anything).
    His conclusion was this: All crimes covered by this law are already covered by other laws including higher penalties.
    Only that with this law you can prosecute innocent people on a federal level with very high penalties in reference to their “crime” (for instance slapping an exibisionist that just exposed himself in front of you with your purse).

    Of course this probably is pure oppositionism and sensationalism, but this law should have been reviewed again taking into account his statement.

    I hope you thought a bit more about your other sources and this video isn’t just about misinterpreting statistics (No one can do that right. And not only since they never are correct).

    P.S.: No, I’m not a republican voter (neither a democratic). Since I’m from Germany, I’m not as biased as someone directly concerned.

  • 27
    Pat says:

    Two Words.

    Fuck You.

    Enjoy your victory lap asshole. Because it’s all coming down come 2010 and 2012.


  • 28
    Frank White says:

    Well considering that Democrats have given our missile technology to china, technology that may one day be used to vaporize American cities and kill millions of American children (and gays too), I”ll take the other guys. Considering that Democrats want to murder old people by rationing health care, kill babies before they are born, redistribute wealth, and put capitalists in death camps, ill take the other guys.

  • 29
    karen says:

    This website is a cesspool of hate every bit as deep as stormwatch.

    False equivalency is false.

  • 30
    bondwooley says:

    Short satire video on GOP rebranding strategies … seemed appropriate here!

  • 31
    Karl says:


    First let me say that I wish your name was more prominently displayed in this article.

    Your satire is spot on. I suspect that you made this video before the 10 republican senators voted against the rape liability bill, since those votes were particularly despicable, and probably hinted at who where getting bribed by whom.

    Here is a link that elaborates a little more about this:

    If you ever decide to retrofit your video, this topic would fit it like a glove.

  • 32

    […] His blog post goes on to detail the claims made in his spoof video. “I’m sure all politicians careen between saying what they believe and spouting whatever crap will get them elected. But it seems like Republicans have adopted a universal strategy of popular deceit, and if they speak truth it’s only by coincidence.” […]

  • 33
    The Mominator says:

    To DFCtomm: Phew, that’s a relief. That means I can return without having to read your idiotic blithering.

    To Bryan Busch: Exactly. They’re never specific, just unsubstantiated declarations.

    To Waking Up Now: WOW. Awesome compilation & analysis/synthesis. And I never say awesome. Thanks – immediate re-posting.

  • 34
    The Mominator says:

    Oh, and to “Pat” and “Patrick” (obviously the same person trying to sound numerous): if I wanted to cite (correct usage) the misspellings, misuse of the language, syntactical errors, bad grammar, garbled sentence structure and incoherence of the posts by Repugnican tools it would require its own website. Really.

    And as for your two words, right back atcha. And here’s three words for YOU: In. Your. Dreams.

  • 35
    Justin says:

    While I certainly appreciate your views, as we are all entitled to them, I find it hard to believe arguments based off of sound bytes. I’m not saying there isn’t some true to be had here, but it’s pretty easy to find “fault” when that’s the only thing you’ll accept as truth. It’s pretty clear that you lean from the left. In the words of senator John McCain, “It’s hard to reach across the aisle when you’re sitting that far to the left.” Talk about President Bush all you want, but Democrats have been in control since 2006. Yes, he was the President, but THEY controlled congress. They’ve had a majority since then and continue to now. What have they done in their years of control to make this country better? It seems to me that we’re more divided than we were before. As far as some of your main points, some are irrefutable, but others are not the whole truth, and others still aren’t true at all. Hate crimes have a specific technical definition and just because someone of a certain race/orientation/religion was attacked, doesn’t necessarily mean it was for that very reason. If I was beat up tonight, would it be a hate crime because I happen to be a white Christian Republican? Maybe it was something that I brought onto myself. Please, don’t take me as condoning hate crimes, because that’s not what I’m trying to say. As for the budget, can you REALLY say that the truth is getting out there? We owe SO much money to those people and if they knew the size whole that could potentially be dug, they might stop lending, and our government doesn’t want that. For the comments on religion, it looks as though you’re an atheist. You can’t take the word of God as truth if you don’t believe in anything bigger than yourself. By the way, regular organic lifeforms living on this earth put out more polluting gasses than humans do. For health care, remember to look at the facts. It will become much more complicated and costly to run. Illegals will be tax-exempt and receive free care. The uninsured will be forced to pay a large chunk of their income for insurance. Retired union members get their benefits taxed for insurance. It cannot be paid for without new taxes. The government will set doctor’s pay rates. A government employee will decide how much benefits you receive. Coverage and benefits are capped, but not for Congress. They have their own special health care and are exempt from this plan. Sound socialist much? Take a look at the bill and the charts made of it, it’ll make much more sense. I chose just a few points to touch on here, but I’m sure I’ll get criticized for not doing all of them. That’s ok, I know where I stand. I applaud you for promoting your ideas and trying to spread your beliefs, but when you put information in the public eye, you have a responsibility to tell the complete truth. I hope this message finds you well. Take care of yourself, and I ask that you take stock of your beliefs and their basis. You might be surprised at the result.


  • 36
    Keith says:

    I don’t know, Pat. The Republican Party is a shell of it’s former self, consisting of nothing but crackpots and religious zealots. I’m a lifelong Republican who won’t be voting R anymore in any general election, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • 37

    […] This accompanying blog post has all the citations for the claims made in the video. […]

  • 38
    Ray says:

    Politics: Where ignorance, stupidity,veniality and bigotry are not handicaps…

    “It’s 98% of the politicians who give the rest a bad name…”

  • 39
    John Davis says:

    Wonderful and exhaustive analysis of the fools in Congress and the foolish things they say. Love that you have compiled so much video to prove how foolish they actually look. Great work! Look forward to following your web site here. Thanks for sharing this. This video is making the rounds at all the prominent progressive web sites, with much laughter and praise.

    It really must suck to be a supporter of one of those fools in Congress. I see a few of them seem to have posted their angry tirades or just a few swear words also on this comment page. Nice folks to do that, really dignified !!! <>

    Anyway, great material and analysis here, keep it up, we’re just loving it.

  • 40
    Frank M, says:

    I must say I agree with with most of what they have the apps for. As a Christian I know the Bible is the word of God.
    If you look at the greatness this country had and I must say We were and still are a Christian nation. I have to say that this nation is moving away from what God wants us to be and hence he is not blessing us as much as he once did. Most people are afraid of what others will think and not what is the truth, after all we all have to be ” Politically correct” Homosexuality is a sin, period! That is why Sodom and Gomorrah was wiped off the face of the earth. Jesus preached to love the sinner and hate the sin. This nation was founded on Christianity and speaks English, if you don’t like that you can go back to what ever country you came from.


  • 41
    Mark says:

    Thanks for a wonderful treatment of the wingnut agenda. I have been forwarding it to all who might be interested. It is a wonderful educational piece. Thanks again.


  • 42
    Toby says:

    You forgot how Republicans are also ok with rape.

  • 43

    I saw the iPhone GOP app, and thought it was genius. Thanks for providing links to all of these statements. It’ll help greatly in future debates.

  • 44
    Dory says:

    I bet the Democrats are just as worse….but man you gotta hate those numbnuts Republicans.

  • 45
    Maslab says:

    “As a Christian I know the Bible is the word of God.”

    And the Muslims know the Quran is the word of God and the Jews know their holy book is the word of God…

    So what’s your point?

    “If you look at the greatness this country had and I must say We were and still are a Christian nation.”

    We never were, and never will be, a Christian nation.

    For evidence I refer you to Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli:

    “I have to say that this nation is moving away from what God wants us to be and hence he is not blessing us as much as he once did.”

    So he preaches to love the sinner and hate the sin but still punishes us for it?


    “Most people are afraid of what others will think and not what is the truth,”

    Fact: We can prove what the bills will say and what the economy is doing.

    Fact: You have not proven the existence of God.

    “after all we all have to be ” Politically correct””

    Do we?

    “Homosexuality is a sin, period!”

    According to whom? Most world religions, except Christianity, Islam, and some others, support homosexuality.

    “That is why Sodom and Gomorrah was wiped off the face of the earth.”


    “Jesus preached to love the sinner and hate the sin.”

    I’ll start right in on letting the murderers and rapists out of jail, now.

    “This nation was founded on Christianity and speaks English, if you don’t like that you can go back to what ever country you came from.


    Your entire sentence is disrupted by the fact that we’re not a Christian nation and that America has no official language ( It just so happens that English is the most commonly used one.

    Why don’t we have an official language, you might ask?

    I would refer you to the First Amendment of the Constitution.

  • 46
    Jamie says:

    I love it, and both side do suck. What we need is:
    “Libertarian socialism (sometimes called socialist anarchism,[1][2] and sometimes left libertarianism[3][4]) is a group of political philosophies that aspire to create a society without political, economic, or social hierarchies, i.e. a society in which all violent or coercive institutions would be dissolved, and in their place every person would have free, equal access to the tools of information and production.” Quote Wikipeadia.

    Just imagine a world run with people actually helping one another – whats wrong with that???

  • 47
    Jim says:

    I posted on my FaceBook page – brilliant! And thank you for the research too

  • 48
    Independent says:

    I love how everyone’s opinion is being sited as truth. I will not be so bold as to make that comment. Never-the-less, I will say, Dems do just as much, shall we say “interesting” things as Republicans. I honestly see them as two sides of the same coin, set up to make us feel cozy about our personal agendas.

    Example 1: Obama will not give a C.O.L.A. adjustment for seniors collecting social security next year. This will be the first time since 1975 that an increase has been denied… Now, for the rest of the story, he does not control this. It is based on inflation rate, this year it is negative, so next year there will not be an increase. What is he planning on doing about it. Give a little extra to qualifying recipients. Now, I could have left it at the first two sentences and it would have been true. However, one should show both sides.

    Documentation: You can also read more in the SSI admin.

    Example 2: Obama is working to cut Military Health Care. Guys, I may have missed something but this one is all his. My personal feelings are you don’t mess with the men and women that put their lives on the line everyday. Especially in this area. I can see it now, “Sorry Sg. I can’t go on patrol today cause I broke my ankle playing basketball yesterday and don’t have the funds to go to the doctor.” This was not clearly thought out.


    Example 3: I totally understand that there should be consideration for disabilities. But seriously, homosexuality is not a disability nor should it provide any special circumstances. At best, it is less than 10% of the population. Soo, all the arguments on hate crimes are silly. They are crimes and should be seen as such. If a person is hit, it is a crime. I am always amused at the double standard of, if a man slaps a woman it is a crime. If a woman slaps a man he needs to “man up” and take it. Sorry, its a crime, while statistically it is higher for men to abuse women it is also more often reported. The long and short of this one is we need to stop trying to over categorize issues and call them what they are. Assault is assault, battery is battery (yes there is a difference) and ignorant people no matter how well educated, what race, religion, sexual orientation both commit and are victims of these crimes. For if we are truly equal all should be treated equally.

    Documentation: See local police department for your local stats. This is more of a soap box issue.

    Last Example: This one will set some folks off. But if you really think about it, and I mean really analyze it you will see my point. Science consist of as much “belief” as any religion. While the word is not used it is definitely there. Since Genesis was brought up I will use this example. The Bible states that mankind was created with one man and one woman. Science has no clue. Really, no clue. But they will say the Bible is wrong without presenting any real conflicting evidence of the point. Most of what has come across my path as a conflicting argument is that there are way to many uncounted for deviations of sapien to say there was an Adam and Eve. Now add in the time line. Heck they come very late into the game, utilizing Biblical time references for Adam & Eve and Radiometric Dating for anthropological finds. Especially with Ardi now coming onto the scene. Okay, the fact still remains that the species had to start somewhere. The species started with both a male and a female. How did this come to pass? Some say Abiogenesis for the creation of life, some aliens, some even say crystals, and people like myself say a Divine Creator. Now matter which way, there were two to begin with. I find it very hard to believe that a spontaneous mutations occurred twice in a single lifetime which allowed for the continuation of the species. Not once mind you but for each separate incarnation of sapien. The numerical coincidence is confounding. The Bible also states that Adam and Eve should go “replenish” the Earth. This shows even then that the Bible recognized a prior population. I don’t claim to understand what was meant by this line or to understand God’s mind, but I do believe that the evidence that has been observed by science does support the Bible and the Bible will help us understand Science. After all, look at the order of creation by the days and look at the order of things starting with the “Big Bang” through the appearance of humanity. The order is perfect.

    So I guess my example is, “Scientist know more than Creationist, therefore Creation should be left out of the classrooms.” Quite simply, if creation is not being forced on your child what right do you have to force evolution on mine. Especially since adaptation has been proven and observed and evolution still has some stuff to prove.

    By the way, I probably mistyped some items. Par for the course. I usually don’t reread these blogs as it takes enough of my life to put the first one up. I just hate seeing things sooo one sided.

    A few other things to remember as you think about the Dems and Reps. The President has no real authority other than what Congress allows him. IF the Dems where really unhappy with Bush they could have tried to Impeach him. Heck the Reps tried to Impeach Clinton. So, any of them telling you they weren’t a part of it are wrong. They condoned his actions by not acting against them.

  • 49
    Müzik says:

    thank you for the research too

  • 50
    John O'Leary says:

    Brilliant vid. I was brought up in a Republican world and miss many elements of the Grand Old Party. But the present crop of reps are destroying the brand.

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