Peter Barber Gallagher-Sprigg

Today’s guest Peter gives a two-minute explanation of the Prop 8 trial. Please share.

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20 comments to Peter Barber Gallagher-Sprigg

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    Bill S says:

    Loved it!

  • 2
    Martin says:

    Ah, finally a new Wakingupnow Video! Great, I was beginning to miss them. And a really funny one too boot. More, please! : )

  • 3
    Miriam says:

    I was in college when Matthew Shepard was murdered. I went to one of the vigils near my school where I ended up talking to an older and more experienced gay rights activist. I said to him, “you know, I get why there is hate and discrimination on a person to person basis, but what I don’t understand is the big organized political activistism against gay rights.” (yes, I was pretty young at the time) and he told me that really the big names on the political anti-gay rights side don’t really care about the issue as much as they seem from their rhetoric, it really was all about money, money and votes. He explained that what they are doing is tapping into that personal bias against gay folks to get money and votes, it was all fear based…”quick send us cash or the gayz are going to come for your kids!” type crap.

    Thanks for summing that up in one neat little video, also Martin is right, I was missing the wakingupnow videos too!

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    Jason D says:

    Rob, I would’ve worked in one of those silent-era long curly moustaches that you could twirl as you talk.

    Otherwise, A+ work. I’ve put this on the facebook.

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    Jim Stone says:

    Rob-this is your best work EVER!!! I am so glad you pointed out that the popular homophobes actually make their living bashing gay people. NONE of them are qualified to do anything..except perhaps being greeters at Wal-Mart!
    It is sad that here in 2010 people are STILL giving them money. All they have to do is raise the fear level and money starts pouring in. I am glad that there are people out there like you who are exposing them for what they truly are. Thank you!!!

  • 7

    [...] Rob Tisinai, who so deftly described the Uganda "kill the gays" bill in a video earlier this year, sums up the Prop 8 trial in two minutes, from the point of view of the Prop H8 defenders. [...]

  • 8
    TomTallis says:

    Someone else said that the H8ters were left with nothing but “Because I say so!” to take all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Great video, Rob!

  • 9
    Ron Williams says:

    This is wonderful creative stuff. It’s about time for a shift in strategy and brainstorm new ideas to fight the bigotry.

  • 10
    Neil says:

    Brilliant work as usual, Rob. I’d ask you to marry me but it’s not legal where either of us live. If only the National Organization for Marriage had an interest in promoting marriage and making it more relevant to society rather than restricting it to a revisionist and conservatively politicised definition.

    The fact that we don’t know each other needn’t of itself prove an impediment to our nuptials. If only one of us were of the opposite gender.

  • 11
    Kenny says:

    This guy makes the best videos which explain issues in a way that our straight allies can understand. I truly hope this guy is seeing an increase in traffic to his website

  • 12
    Ben in Oakland says:

    We don’t have to call anyone bitgots, but We do have to start talking more about bigotry. That was the biggest fialure of the campaign.

    Rob, it was brilliant, but oyu lewft off one thing. The H8rs claim that they shouldn’t submit names, the oculdn’t provide witnesses, all of it, because they were afraid of retaliation. but of all of the leaders of these things, starting with St. Maggie, are all very well known people. None of these people were attacked, vandalized, or any of it. Probably the worse thayt happene to maggie was the someone cut in front of her at the buffet line.

  • 13

    [...] posted my Peter Barber Gallagher-Sprigg video on a NOM-affiliated Facebook page run by Louis Marinelli.  It stirred some controversy, but [...]

  • 14

    [...] if there’s anyone who isn’t up to speed on Perry v. Schwarzenegger, Peter Barber Gallagher-Sprigg provides us with an overview of the Prop 8 trial. In two [...]

  • 15
    Jarred says:

    Jim, please don’t hate on Wal-Mart greeters like that. Some of them are great people and don’t need to be tarnished by even such a tenuous comparison to the anti-crowd as you made. ;)

  • 16
    chuhlomin says:

    it was very interesting to read
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  • 17
    Thursday says:

    Very nice, and very linked. There’s not much folks here in Canada can do for your fight but spread the word and offer moral support. On the plus side, videos this good do make it easy!

  • 18

    [...] Violated My Rights! Life’s been busy, so I’m again allowing Peter Barber Gallagher-Sprigg to publish another guest [...]

  • 19

    [...] it’s good to get multiple perspectives on marriage, so here’s a guest column from  Peter Barber Gallagher-Sprigg. It was originally published elsewhere a couple years ago, but it remains relevant today, and [...]

  • 20

    [...] it’s good to get multiple perspectives on marriage, so here’s a guest column from  Peter Barber Gallagher-Sprigg. I originally published it here a couple years ago, but it remains relevant today, and he’s [...]

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