Mitt's Idea of Middle Income?

UPDATE: I put up a post today mocking Mitt Romney for saying “middle income” households include those making up to $250,000 a year, even though that level of income puts you in the top 4% of the population. As it happens, though, Obama’s own tax plan considers the same group middle class. Evidently I was wrong in saying that this number counted as proof that Romney is out of touch with the middle class.* Rather, it appears to be an odd view held across the political spectrum. My apologies.

*Though, of course, that doesn’t rule out other reasons for considering him out of touch.

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6 comments to Mitt’s Idea of Middle Income?

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    Jess says:

    I’m right there with you, I can’t believe $250,000 is middle class either!

  • 2
    hangedman1984 says:

    It is still evidence that Romney is out of touch, it just means in this particualr instance he isn’t the only one

  • 3
    Spunky says:

    Why not keep what you had before and just call it “Mitt and Obama’s Idea of Middle Income?”–even though I’m an Obama supporter. What you wrote is still noteworthy, even if both candidaties have the same weird perspective of the middle class.

  • 4
    Benjamin says:

    Guys True Middle class is around 200k.  The whole concept that america has been brainwashed into thinking well im a trash man I paid my bills and can afford a night out also!! Middle class baby!!!  Nope not true.  Middle class would be upper management or district managers.  Small time local town doctors/dentist ect.  Upper class laywers and major business owners.  Romney is correct.  Sorry guys =P

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    Barbara Saunders says:

    “Middle income” and “middle class” are not the same thing. There are parts of the country where it takes six figures to enjoy middle-CLASS life as most people imagine it in other parts of the country, i.e., where people earning $40K, $50K, and $80K are unable to purchase homes, lack health insurance, can’t afford to send their children to college, and may be dependent on the state when they retire. “Middle INCOME,” by contrast, comes down to an actual number.

  • 6
    The_L says:

    The difference is, Romney also gave the lower bound of “middle-class” as somewhere around $200k.  Obama…well, if nothing else, he’s not that stupid.

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