Minnesota for Marriage is Lying Again

Anti-gay activists revel in irrelevance. We see it when they condemn same-sex parenting with studies that have nothing to do with same-sex parenting. And now Minnesota for Marriage (M4M) is doing it again as they try to scare us with the dangers of marriage equality. They’ve posted yet another dishonest video. This one says:

What kind of issues would professionals face if marriage is redefined?

Well, doctors, psychologists, social workers, counselors and other professionals who conscientiously object to same-sex marriage could face a range of potential consequences, including license revocation and lawsuits leading to the potential loss of their ability to make a living.

For example, in California, a Christian physician specializing in fertility services who believed that children need a mother and a father refused to provide fertility services to a lesbian couple. Now even though the physician did offer to refer the couple to other physicians who would willingly serve them, the couple still sued the physician and her employer, and won in court. If the marriage protection amendment passes, the moral convictions of professionals in Minnesota will be protected.

They’ve chosen an odd example to make their point. You know why? Because the California case had nothing to do with same-sex marriage.

They’re referring to Guadalupe Benitez and her dispute with North Coast Women’s Care Medical Group, Inc. Ms. Benitez first filed suit in 2001, long before California opened a brief window for same-sex marriage, and the state Supreme Court based its 2008 decision on the Unruh Act, which forbids sexual orientation discrimination in California. Yep — it was about discrimination, not marriage.

Think about that. M4M created (one would assume) the most convincing case possible. It chose (one might expect) the most compelling example available. And yet it failed (one can be certain) to present any relevant facts to back up its claim.

This is common among those who clang the danger bell at the prospect of marriage equality. They cite the Ocean Grove Camp ministry, even though it occurred in a state without same-sex marriage (and ultimately affirmed the right of churches to discriminate!). They cite the New Mexico photographer who was fined for refusing to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony, even though New Mexico doesn’t allow same-sex marriage.

All these cases turned on discrimination law, not same-sex marriage. Our opponents don’t like to admit that. They lose voter support when the issue’s framed that way; lots of folk who aren’t sure about marriage equality are dead-set against discrimination. But mainly, I think, they cloud this issue to keep it from highlighting the dishonesty in their approach — and why make a dishonest case when an honest one is available? I think that question answers itself.

Speaking of dishonesty, let’s look at that last sentence in the M4M quote:

If the marriage protection amendment passes, the moral convictions of professionals in Minnesota will be protected.

Sorry. Even if you ignore their loaded and dubious language, the fact remains that Minnesota has a law prohibiting orientation-based health care discrimination. The proposed marriage amendment changes that not one bit. But why would M4M make such a blatantly dishonest claim if —

Never mind. We just covered that.

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3 comments to Minnesota for Marriage is Lying Again

  • 1
    Dawn says:

    Excellent post, Rob. Another of many. Well done!

  • 2
    Chris M says:

    Does time move more slowly in Minnesota than other places? It seems that all of those “Minnesota Marriage Minute” vids are almost 2 minutes long.

  • 3
    Regan DuCasse says:

    M4M, or any other groups and their appeals, sure likes to tap the worst in people. Their outreach is so condescending, and assuming of the low intellect and laziness of who they are speaking to. Each and every one of these cases, was not only about discrimination and not marriage. But also BREACHES in operating contracts by the religious person.
    In other words, they were allowed to operate under certain laws regarding the public (REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION laws). These had to be consistent, and the public had to be fully cognizant of what was being provided and the discrimination itself. There can be no SECRET discrimination, nor can it be selective and target a certain GROUP of people.
    And these cases of litigation were hardly TRENDS, and the outcomes were a reminder of the obligation that the religious had to CIVIL laws and public access.
    All they are proving is that they want to be able to abuse a group of people who don’t meet a criteria they couldn’t know about, let alone avoid if they wanted to.
    These religious people are creating their own problem, then trying to blame gay people for it. Their typical cowardice is showing. They dare not treat het people who meet their discriminatory criteria the way they want to treat gay people with it.
    We all know what would happen, and they would too.

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