Uganda's Kill-the-Straight-Friends-of-Gays Bill

President Obama’s remarks today have drawn attention back to Uganda’s Kill-the-Gays bill.  And the media still hasn’t gotten it right.  Some conservatives offer the outright lie that it only intends to execute child molesters and people who deliberately spread HIV.  The liberal media points out that the bill would also execute people who merely have gay sex more than once.

But the facts are much worse than that.  I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating.  Here are two examples of people who could be put to death:

  • Someone who has gay sex once and doesn’t turn his partner in to the authorities.
  • A straight person who doesn’t turn in a gay friend after hearing about about a couple romantic evenings.

You don’t have be gay to be executed under this bill. Here’s how easily the government could put you to death:

  1. The death penalty applies to anyone convicted of “aggravated homosexuality.”
  2. Aggravated homosexuality includes all “serial offenders.”
  3. A serial offender is “a person who has previous convictions of the offence of homosexuality or related offences.”
  4. Related offences (Part III of the bill) include not ratting out your gay friends (if you are a person of religious, political, economic, or social [!] authority).

Here it is as a diagram:

It’s a two-strikes-and-you’re-dead bill.  And if you dig into the logic, merely keeping silent about someone who’s keeping silent is enough to count as a strike.

Read the bill. It’s much worse than we’re being told.  (And feel free to copy and share the pic if you want.)

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56 comments to Uganda’s Kill-the-Straight-Friends-of-Gays Bill

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    […] logic, merely keeping silent about someone who’s keeping silent is enough to count as a strike. Click Here For More How long will ignorance be tolerated? People should be educated about these assumptions and […]

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    O.M.G. Please send me a ” JOIN THIS CAUSE ” thread if you have one.
    Thank You.

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    […] Over at Waking Up Now, in response to US President Obama’s (rather late) criticism of Uganda’s proposed anti-gay laws, read about how the wording of the legislation allows the friends of gay people to be executed as well – ‘Uganda’s Kill-the-Straight-Friends-of-Gays Bill‘ […]

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    Banda says:

    If a cock knows it has to mount a hen, how about a human with brains mounting a fellow man. Then animals are more smarter than us.

  • 55
    bobo ashanti says:

    I agree with the bill, kill them all and those who associate with them! Rid this world of this plague known as homosexuality

  • 56
    Joie says:

    @bobo ashanti
    Exactly how have gay people offended you to make you hate them? Did a gay person slaughter your entire family with a spoon? Did a straight person then help them get away with the murder, thereby also eliciting your disdain? No? I didn’t think so. Guess what? You probably interact and even like gay people all. the. time. and you have no clue because they’re just like everybody else. As other people have mentioned, gay people have been around forever. Homosexuality is literally all over nature. This is the 21st century. There are men who like men and women who like women. This in no way affects you, so build a bridge and get over it.

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