I Really Really Really Needed Some Time Off

But I’ve got a few things in the works. Meantime, here’s the video that got me to stop procrastinating and go work out (moderately safe for work — no nudity, at least).

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4 comments to I Really Really Really Needed Some Time Off

  • 1
    BradP says:

    Please stop posting these videos of my boyfriend.

  • 2
    Mike says:

    That’s actually the second Nasty Pig video I’ve seen posted on blogs lately, and another reason I need to wake up early to hit the gym tomorrow, so thank you for that inspiration.

  • 3
    clayton says:

    I’m glad to see that body hair is coming back in style.  I’ve missed it.

  • 4
    Dana Pille says:

    I hope you are paying attention. scott lively has been called into court by the Sexualy minority of Uganda. (i really wish they picked a better acronym then smug, but oh well). scott lively is the slug, (and I feel bad about comparing him to a slug, cuz slugs have more class) that is making false claims in Uganda about Gay’s. Actually this is very serious. Gay’s are dying in Uganda, from the ignorance of the undereducated, listening to the hate speeches of American bigot’s with the freedom of speech, and the knowledge that spreading hate means increased donations. (The majority of people in this world would rather toss money at a problem, then actually do something about it. Most religious people have learned this, and have been using this tactic for 25 – 30 years now.) THERE HAS TO BE A SOLUTION!!! PEOPLE ARE DYING ALL OVER THE WORLD, BECAUSE OF AMERICANS!!! 

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