Ha Ha Ha, Gay Bashing! Ha Ha Ha, Funny!

Notre Dame University’s independent student newspaper, The Observer, ran this cartoon on Jan 13.

–  What’s the easiest way to turn a fruit into a vegetable?

-  No idea.

-  A baseball bat.

The paper has apologized.   The authors have apologized, too, though they mangle it by saying they put the joke in the mouth of the “tool” character to show they don’t really approve of what he’s saying.  It’s irony, see?  So let’s print a bunch of racial jokes, but with a KKK Wizard saying them, and that’ll be fun and ironic, too.

In a miracle of perfect timing, you should head on over to the Prop 8 Trial Tracker and read the Day 4 testimony of Dr. Ilan Meyer, an expert on stigmatization of gays and lesbians.  I wish I could be there in person to hear it, but this paraphrase of Meyers’ testimony flooded me with recognition:

In a segment of society in which people who know that they are going to be discriminated against, first they have to guard their safety. A gay couple has to monitor their behavior, such as holding hands, because someone can throw something at them even on a safe street. You have to have a third eye monitoring the environment. It’s stressful.

I’ve got that third eye, and I can’t turn it off.   I refuse to be cowed into treating my boyfriend like a “best bud” in public, but when we hold hands a chunk of my attention is distracted from him and focused on scanning the perimeter.  This is in Los Angeles.  And we’re both over 6’1″ and 180lbs — not easy targets.  But that third eye is always roving.

This morning, though, I’m picturing a closeted Notre Dame freshman eating breakfast in a dorm cafeteria, listening to people laugh at this joke.  Is he thinking:

“Oh, but it’s ironic, so it’s okay!”


“If I come out, they’re going to kill me.”

I remember being closeted.  I know what I thought.

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13 comments to Ha Ha Ha, Gay Bashing! Ha Ha Ha, Funny!

  • 1
    goof says:

    How can an half-way decent University allow such insensitive humor? More than an apology is required! I’m not even gay and I am offended by this!

  • 2
    Mrs. Chili says:

    I want to say “You’re kidding… right?” but I know you’re not.

    I’m off to write yet another letter to an institution which should just know better….

  • 3
    mantronikk says:

    Although I do not support unprovoked violence or gay bashing towards gays, “racial jokes” and gay-bashing aren’t in the same catageory because racial identity is morally benign. Sexual behavior isn’t morally benign like skin color.

  • 4
    miley crisis says:

    F*&k you Mantronikk. The Mormons believe skin color makes blacks and indians MORALLY inferior! Christianity thought slavery based on RACE was a GOD GIVEN right! Get your facts straight and STFU!!!!

  • 5
    butchfaginnola says:

    Mantronikk, exactly where did to get the bizarre concept of something being “morally benign”? and who the f*&k are you to decide what is “moral” and what is not?

    all “morality” opinions by definition, are malignant. “morality” is an individual processes and perception, when YOU attempt to assign a “morality index” to anyone else, your moral behavior is a malignancy that has to be cut out of the human race.

    under the christian bible, the rules of morality not only allow one to kill their unruly child, they REQUIRE it.

    Christian wives are the chattel of their husbands, according to the bible.

    Christians must not play football or eat pork, shellfish or p*ssy.

    Christians must follow the marital advice of there clergy, many of whom are doctrinally CELIBATE (in practice tons of them are not). Exactly what does a man in a dress who has NEVER been married know about marital problems?

    Ugandan Christians (with the help of the U.S. Republican “FAMILY”, the group that “hosts” the national prayer breakfast and the C street political dormitories in D.C., that oddly don’t allow female republicans in..hmmm) believe it is “MORAL” to kill gays and lesbians.

    You are one hypocritical P.O.S. if you think there is any such thing as being “morally benign”.

  • 6
    mantronikk says:

    Race and sexual behavior aren’t the same.

  • 7
    Alex says:

    Sexual behaviour is more or less exclusively driven by sexual orientation, though. And orientation is an inherent trait, like race.

    Why should gay people be expected to conform in behaviour to an orientation that isn’t theirs? I don’t buy the “because morality” argument; morality is an awfully ill-defined concept.

  • 8
    Gary says:

    I’ll know we’ve achieved equality not when we can get married, but when I can FINALLY hold my husband’s hand in public with that damned third eye turned off.

  • 9
    Adam says:

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  • 10
    Paul says:

    I’m gay, so I’m obviously against gay bashing … But I legitimately thought this joke was funny.
    I’m not trying to be insensitive … I’m just saying, I think we should be able to laugh at things that are funny. It was a clever play on words, and was intended only for laughs. It wasn’t making fun of anybody in particular and it didn’t say “All gays are sluts” or anything offensive like that; it was simply using a term that people know in an unexpected way. Why can’t we laugh at things like this? I mean, c’mon … If you make something too serious, people become scared of it.

  • 11
    Just a joke says:

    IT IS A JOKE!!! Get over it. There is a difference in humor and harm.

  • 12
    Anonymous says:


  • 13
    clayton says:

    I thank the joke is funny as hell people need to quit being so dam up tight about shit an really need to quit being pussies about s*** thing is is humans are mean in nature there’s gonna be people that get picked on and made fun of and beat up no matter what people are going to talk s*** whether you want them to or not so you might as well laugh about it and have fun cuz you ain’t gonna stop it

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