Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom

I’ve set my blog to post some of my favorite, early entries while I’m away on vacation. Most of them are more than two years old, so they may be new to many of you. I’ve tried to select those that still seem relevant.

I’m preaching to the choir with this, but that’s okay.  We need to build an army of well-informed gays and lesbians who are ready to correct the religious right’s lies in conversations with friends, family, and co-workers.  Here’s some ammunition.

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26 comments to Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom

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    James says:

    Thank you for this. It would be great if you provided a text version to circulate as well. :-)

    I just recently started blogging and while I’m Canadian, I try to raise awareness of this issue as much as I can.

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    randy in brooklyn says:

    You should log onto to see the reaction to this video. It is very well received. Congratulations!

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    Domo says:

    This is brilliant: simply argued, logical and fact based. I thank you for doing this. I’ll work to spread it around to friends and family.

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    Ben Janken says:

    I loved your video. I have one small correction. You mentioned that Catholic Services in MA had to do what it did beca use of non-discrimination laws. That’s not entirely true. I did some research on it last year. It was also becuase of child welfare laws (best interests of the child) and MA contract law. What is also important is the CSS was placing children with gay couples prior to (if I remember) 2006, and decided to do so against the reocmmendation of its board. several board members resigned.

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    Pat Gozemba says:

    This is such a refreshing straightforward approach to facing down the lies about marriage equality. I’ve “favorited” you and posted a blog at:

    Keep up the great work

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    Sideon says:

    FANTASTIC video. So clearly well spoken. The points were succinctly stated.

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    Sonnie Swenston says:

    It may be a losing battle, but I’m going to keep advocating for use of the term “marriage equality.” Marriage is marriage. The conservatives want to use a divide-and-conquer strategy, including use of the term “gay marriage”–especially surrounded in quotation marks–as if it were a separate institution.

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    I just wanted to thank you for making this video. It was clear, to the point and eye openning. I found it because it was posted on my good friends website I will be following your posts and videos from now on.

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    The Rev. Debbie Graham says:

    Great video. Could you please post a transcript of this with links to the websites sited. That would be very helpful for passing out flyers, mailings, letters to the editors, etc. Thank you for your great work.

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    Kevin says:

    I can’t even adequately express how much of what’s said in this video is on point. I think that’s because all of it is. Reframing the discussion to reveal the dissonance and contradiction that are essentially the bulk all religious arguments used to oppose gay marriage, is the only tactic that will truly persuade people.

    People may acquiesce to point of marriage equality, but until they understand the legal, moral, and religious implications of fair, civil polices, they will continue to reject as repulsive the reality that same-sex marriage is simply not disenfranchising anybody. It’s the LACK of it, that produces the disenfranchisement. Engaging with people and offering them opportunities to accept same-sex marriage produce informed people and informed people are less likely to hold bigoted beliefs at the core of their worldview. I just wish this video’s brand of level-headed, firm, and airtight reframing could be streamlined and happen in situations that don’t

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    […] be away from my computer for most of today, so I thought I’d use this opportunity to post a clear and concise video I found explaining why opposition to gay marriage limits the rights of religious minorities who want to […]

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    Thank you for all of the excellent work you’re doing here!

    This is a very important dimension of the question that is being distorted and obfuscated by fundamentalist and dominionist Christians, and the clarifications you provide in your video are really excellent and important.

    There is the issue of many religions–including many denominations of Christianity–who are in favor of same-sex couples’ right to marry, and who do perform these ceremonies, whose rights are indeed being infringed by this legislation. If the issue really is one for the religious groups to decide, then let them decide it; and let the civil and legal dimensions of the question be open to whomever might seek them, regardless of what any religion says about who should and who should not have access to those rights.

    This is what is so infuriating about this issue, for me at least: there is absolutely no justification for denying this right to anyone that is not religiously based, and it is only a very narrow, conservative, fundamentalist, but LOUD section of the religious spectrum, which is behind that movement.

    In any case, thank you for your continued efforts in this regard!

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    Michael Foerster says:


    Really – just “wow”!

    I’m a straight supporter of gay rights. I’m probably wrong, but I keep hoping that gay rights will be the last civil rights battle.

    (Why may I be wrong? Given past history I fear that we will always find someone else to discriminate against; we’ve made progress on civil rights for blacks, women, Native Americans, and some progress on gay rights – who’s next?)

    I am a broadcaster (both radio and TV). I am very impressed with how well done this video is.

    Sir – thank you! Well said!


  • 15
    D. Charles P says:

    FANTASTIC video. I listen to it every day, and I have sent the link to everyone I know, AND especially to those who oppose Gay Marriege. I have found a site called ReNew America, and they have all 4 of the same stories, plus one. Their 5th story is about a scout troop in Philadelphia that lost it’s office due to the fact that they deny openly Gay men, and children to join them. Here is the link to the Actual news story;,2933,314570,00.html

    Here’s the link to the anti-gay site;

    I find it appaling, how so many religious people are so hipocritical. They condem Homosexuality because it is a sin, and YET say nothing of the Sin of Divorce, and remarriage, which is the sin of Adultery, which goes against one of the Ten Commandments.

    I especially Love the last part of this video, which talks about not allowing Gay Marriage goes AGAINST Religious Freedom. I am now a Religious Freedom Advocate.

    Keep up the Great work, and I’ll keep spreading your words of wisdom.

    Thanks Dana Pille

  • 16
    Liz Ditz says:

    an army of well-informed gays and lesbians Don’t forget we straights who are ardent supporters of marriage equality.

  • 17
    Matt says:

    Great video. However, you write:

    “We need to build an army of well-informed gays and lesbians who are ready to correct the religious right’s lies…”

    I hope this army also welcomes well-informed straight people, bisexual people, asexual people, people who are undecided, and people who object to labelling themselves with a sexuality.

    The pro-marriage-equality side easily has all the best arguments, both logically and morally. The sexual orientation of the person making the argument is irrelevant.

    Indeed, I would find it rather depressing if people on the side of marriage equality were only in it because it directly affected them. Equal human rights for everyone should be important to all members of a healthy society, whether they are being discriminated against personally or not.

  • 18
    Bryan B says:


    Thank you for this and your hate crimes video. Coming from a deeply religious upbringing, I appreciate how simply and clearly your videos show the inaccuracies and twisted “truths” put forward by certain groups.

    Please don’t stop. It is quite encouraging on those days it seems equality is years away.

    All the best,


  • 19
    Polly says:

    Thank you for a fantastically smart, concise, effective argument. I featured it in the sidebar on my blog, and have had to come back to it to expand on the whole conversation (“Flash! Church and state are supposed to be separate!”).

    It deserves incredibly wide distribution for its clarity, and most, because it flips the script at a crucial time in the rhetorical battle.

    Thank you again for this and your other work. Keep it coming, and I (along with a great many others) will keep passing it on.

  • 20
    John says:

    An excellent video and by far the best you’ve made thus far. I look forward to seeing more from you and will gladly post them at my blog.

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    […] Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom « We Are Keeping Score, Evildoers! Proposition 00 – For Carrie Prejean » […]

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    ChiCat says:

    I agree with Matt’s critism of your word choice in the phrase “well-informed gays and lesbians who are ready to correct the religious right’s lies.” It’s not “gay vs. straight” it’s fair-minded vs. close-minded.

    Another counter argument: Most Catholic churches won’t marry a couple if one of the folks is divorced. Of course, they have their silly little annulment process to pretend the previous marriage never happened, but the fact remains that the church has the right to refuse to marry people that are entering into a marriage that is not sanctioned by its beliefs. So LDS, Catholic, and whatever other exclusionary religions will be free to refuse to marry same sex couples. And UU and whatever other openminded, loving religions else will be free to marry whomever they like.

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    […] years (literally!) I’ve been searching for an easy way to debunk this imaginary injustice. I think I’ve […]

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    Detox Pro says:

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