Equality is Persecution

Homosexuals are seeking special rights, blah, blah, blah. We hear this all the time, and all the time it’s the same mistake:

Our opponents are so freaked out by equal treatment under the law that they are unable to read the law.

Today’s example comes from, Greg Quinlan,  president of PFOX (Parents and Friedns of Ex-Gays and Gays), with an editorial on a Christian website:

…homosexuals have now moved beyond equal rights to the “more equal than you” level. As a result, gay organizations are working to ban that practice they fear the most — heterosexual behavior.

Witness the ban on heterosexual therapy successfully pushed by homosexual groups in California.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this ban, but I’m absolutely clear on one thing: it should be discussed accurately. Quinlan fails. He states:

In short, parents can attempt to change a child’s gender, but they can’t change their child’s sexual orientation unless it is to a homosexual identity.

Wrong. According to the law, here’s what’s actually banned:

Under no circumstances shall a mental health provider engage in sexual orientation change efforts with a patient under 18 years of age.

This is no mere quibble with Quinlan’s language. The entire thrust of his article is the supposed elevation of  homosexuality at the expense of heterosexuality. Yet the law treats them exactly the same.

We see this over and over form our opponents:

  • They claim marriage equality will outlaw traditional marriage.
  • They claim hate crime laws punish anti-gay violence more harshly than anti-straight violence.
  • They claim anti-discrimination law only makes it illegal to discriminate against gays, not straights.

None of these things are true. None of these laws favor gays at the expense of straights. No one who takes a moment to read the language of the law could make such a mistake.

Or so you’d think.

I don’t know whether our opponents’ problem is deception, ignorance, or some psychological inability to read simple words while afflicted with bias. More and more, I suspect it’s an affliction. In any case, your response can always be the same: Show me the language.

If your phone can access Google, then hand it over and watch them flail. You might not convince them — probably won’t convince them — in fact, research indicates you’ll likely leave them more convinced of their error — but if you put them in a tough-enough spot, you might just dampen their enthusiasm for spreading untruth.

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5 comments to Equality is Persecution

  • 1
    Mrs. Chili says:

    I’m convinced that the people who make these spurious arguments never developed intellectually past the level of the average middle-teen.  I’ve watched this age group twist themselves into knots convincing themselves that the very clear directions they’re given mean something that only they understand.

  • 2
    Trahelion says:

    Hey, No one every said that they were smart. ;)

  • 3
    Anonymous says:

    Where he goes so horribly wrong is in the idea that gender & sexuality can be changed. they can’t be. You can help soemone be comfortable with their sexuality &/or you can change the physical form to accurately reflect their gendNU, but you can’t change either. 

  • 4
    Clayton says:

    I’m posting the morning after the election, and I’m gleefully looking forward to NOM spins losing four marriage equality votes in four different states.  Previously one of their main lines of attack was that marriage was being persecuted by liberal, out-of-touch courts and legislatures, and that the people always voted against marriage equality when given a chance.  Never mind that all other changes to marriage law happened in the legislature and the courts–on this issue, and this issue alone–the people needed to speak.
    Well, last night they spoke.  Granted, the total is still 32-4, their favor, but gay marriage used to be a strategy conservatives used to guarantee winning elections, and that didn’t work out so well, either.
    Last night Donald trump tweeted something to the effect of “This election is a travesty!  This nation is no longer a Democracy.”  I suspect a similar (if more tactfully worded) reaction from NOM and FRC, and I suspect that they will now argue the elections are persecution, too.

  • 5
    Will says:

    Homosexuality is a behavior plain and simple. It is not genetic.

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