Crazy, Stupid, or Evil

Why would homosexuals accuse some opponents of a mental disorder like homophobia?

The question is…Why wouldn’t we?

Molotov Mitchell is a WorldNewsDaily columnist and the latest of many people lying about Uganda’s Kill-Everyone bill.  He loooves the bill and claims it’s not really that harsh:

A deliberate disinfo campaign has convinced tons of people that Ugandans want nothing short of gay genocide.  I decided to look deeper.  This isn’t my opinion, this isn’t Rick Warren’s opinion, this isn’t even MSNBC’s monolothic gay opinion.  This is what’s in the bill.  Uganda’s anti-gay bill formally extends the death penalty to homosexuals who commit pre-existing capital crimes.  They are as follows:

  • #1 — Pedophilia or sexual abuse of the handicapped.
  • #2 — Knowing that you are HIV+ yet continuing to spread it to others, and
  • #3 —  Using positions of authority to coerce others into performing sexual acts.

That is it.  That’s as far as the “genocide” goes.

But, but, but…that’s just not true.  And we know it.  As someone who has put the bill on screen and walked viewers through the language, I can say the death penalty applies to people who are convicted multiple times of

  • not ratting out your gay friends
  • trying to get same-sex married
  • letting a friend use your photocopier to make flyers for a gay event

…and lots of other cases that don’t even involve gay sex.

So Monotony Molotov Mitchell has gone to the trouble and expense of making a video on which he stakes his basic credibility (“I decided to look deeper.  This isn’t my opinion…This is what’s in the bill.”)  He makes a point of how he’s done his research and how his statements are objective truth.

And yet a bright 12-year-old could read the bill well enough to call him a butthead (the 12-year-old’s word, not mine).

So what’s going on here?  I see only three options:

  • crazy
  • stupid
  • evil

We can only wonder at the contents of Mitchell’s head.  Perhaps he doesn’t know his statements are untrue.  Perhaps he can’t distinguish fact from fantasy.  That would make him crazy.  And if he’s not crazy — if he’s not psychotically broken from reality — then the only way he can read the bill and come to his conclusions is if he’s genuinely stupid.

Let’s hope he’s just crazy or stupid, because if he’s deliberately lying then he’s evil.  That’s not a word I toss around lightly, but I do believe in it.  (Sorry to defy your stereotypes, religious right, but I’m no moral relativist.  I believe in right and wrong, good and evil).   I can’t give a neat and tidy definition of evil, but I know it involves treating other people as if they were mere objects to be used and disposed of.  Does that apply here?  Mitchell is lying to his faithful viewers and casually risking the slaughter of thousands of decent people just to advance his own agenda of — well, who the hell knows what.  Yeah, it applies.

Again, this assumes Mitchell is lying on purpose.  Maybe he’s not.  We don’t know at this point.  It’s confusing, to be sure, so I’ll just lay out the options in a little decision tree and let you decide for yourself.  (Personally, I don’t think he’s stupid.)

[Feel free to republish the chart if you like.]

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6 comments to Crazy, Stupid, or Evil

  • 1
    Joel Wheeler says:

    Classic Dunning-Kreugger?

  • 2
    Mark says:

    Molotov Mitchell, a retarded christo-satanist preaching a gay genocide from a immoral occult book written by killers, adulteress,lie’s, pedos and tyrant bigot Nazi from a time of hatred, superstition and make-belive.

    Why isn’t this guy incarcerated at a insane asylum for the criminally insane.

  • 3
    Apsalted says:

    What I love about his little thing from above is that most hetero males would be guilty of one of those pre-existing capital crimes.

  • 4
    Tre says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that he’s all three – stupid, crazy AND evil.

  • 5
    Martin Stennert says:

    Hmm… this one might become something of a rant… or, I don’t know… longish in any case. First off, I don’t know Mitchell and what other stuff he says, so I cannot really form an idea what he is, but I sort of doubt it makes much difference. If all you want to do is just vent your anger (in front of like minded people, who you do not have to convince anyway) you might as well just go an call him a vile idiot. You don’t need the nice graphics (though it is funny.) But what is the point?
    As you noted elsewhere, there is a majority of people out there who are sitting on the fence, and who just have some vague negative sterotypical ideas about gays, and can be convinced by rational argument, or even better, simply MEETING gay folks and seeing for themselves that they aren’t much different and quite likeable. They won’t read this blog either, but just by being visible (and civil), they will be won around eventually. Look at the last 50 years and you see that it is already happening, albeit slowly.
    But then there is who I like to call Homophobes-from-Conviction. Do they actively lie and spread hatred? Often enough I suspect. Though I fear that more often even, their thinking is simply so influenced by their… well, their homophobia… literally their fear and abhorrence of gayness… that it leads them to see and hear only bits an pieces of reality. Those people cannot be reached by argument – because they are unable to HEAR the entire argument. They will always only hear those bits that support their existing ideology. (Now, to not be too harsh on them, I am rather convinced that we all suffer from that to some extend for some subject matters. What those blind spots are may be different for all of us, but it seems to be a rather common human fallacy. It’s just that in some cases it causes more damage than in others.)
    But this is a real problem, and just saying that it is not fair that we should have to deal with their irrationality doesn’t help us. The Cheneys and Wolfowitzes of the world are easy to comprehend: They lie because they follow a rational agenda. They want war to make money, so they invent lies to make it happen. Now, that is evil. And sometimes crazy. And often still stupid. And it is hard to combat.
    But the bigots… the homophobes… as long as we do not figure out why they are so afraid… what it is they cannot allow to let their minds come to terms with… they will never change. So in a way, we must treat them as, well, not crazy, because the word is too dismissive, and we cannot afford to simply dismiss them, but as suffering from a real phobia, a real illness of the psyche. An illness that must have some cause. Not the cause THEY think, most probably, but some cause nevertheless. And we will not help ourselves unless we help them – or at least future generations – overcome that illness. Through understanding.

  • 6

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