Ugh. Sick. Hard to think. Just want laugh.

Here’s a beautiful parody of crazy Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann. If you don’t know who she is, watch the first minute or two of this clip (no, this clip is not the parody):

Now, here’s the parody of this actual elected Congressional rep:

And if you’re a fan of Mad Men, you have to watch this:

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11 comments to Blah.

  • 1
    BradP says:

    The fact that serious politicians can stand up and invoke god in this country consistently amazes me. In any other developed western countries saying that “God has called on me to run for congress” would produce nothing but derision.

  • 2
    mikenola says:

    well Bush was a leader of this in that old pre-presidency interview claiming god told him he would be president.

    Crazy Eyes however is even more entertaining. I loved her “I got a degree in tax law because my husband said obey god, and god says I am subservient to my husband” shtick.

    I have to say, she is the first religious wingnut who I have heard say on tape “i am subservient to my husbands wishes” as they are running for a powerful political office.

    She did not even seem to notice the contradiction in obeying gods law as a female to be subservient and getting those degrees or holding a powerful office. Apparently the part of tending to her husbands needs and the hearth and home stuff just kinda passes her by.

    According to the bible things like politics and business are mens work, but I guess she just doesn’t get it.

  • 3
    tavdy79 says:

    What I like best about this blog entry? The fact you had to explain the first vid was not a parody. Kinda says everything you need to know about Ms. Bachmann!

  • 4
    Richard R says:

    She says she went to Oral Roberts University. That explains a lot. And she does admit she’s “a fool for Christ,” so at least we agree on that point.

  • 5

    Ah, I see; so the latest liberal talking point is that if you invoke God or talk about “God’s will” in regard to a political office, you’re someone to be mocked and ridiculed and certainly not fit to serve.

    That should change shortly.

  • 6
    Greg says:

    If this were an open thread, I might pose the question as to whether gay people in conservative states are developing Stockholm Syndrome.

  • 7
    Anonygrl says:

    So… she didn’t want to do ANYTHING that she has done in her life? But God, who seems a complete bastard in all this, pushed her to do all these things that she had no interest in?

    Must be SWELL to be her husband. “No, dear, I have no romantic interest in you, I only married you because I had an hallucination when I was in college.”

    And I love the idea that she fasted for three days, then, when her blood sugar had tanked and she could not be at all rational, she made a big decision. Can you think of a WORSE way to do it? Other than to submit yourself voluntarily to waterboarding to help you make a decision?

  • 8

    If this were an open thread, I might pose the question as to whether gay people in conservative states are developing Stockholm Syndrome.

    You could, but it would be called out as a misdiagnosis.

    As Barack Obama made clear to the United Nations Human Rights Council this week, the plight of gays and lesbians in the United States is identical to or worse than the plight of political dissidents, gays, people of different religions, and so forth in China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Libya, Russia, and so forth.

    In those countries, those individuals don’t develop Stockholm Syndrome — indeed, they loathe their captors and torturers, as we saw in Iraq with the Shi’a that Saddam had systematically oppressed in a fashion that the Obama Party compared with gays and lesbians here in the United States. That’s because Stockholm Syndrome really only develops when kindness or mercy is shown to those who are being threatened gravely — and according to the gay and lesbian community and the Obama Party, gays and lesbians in conservative states, indeed the whole United States, are never shown that.

    A better example is this: gays and lesbians, as we see here, repeatedly state that religious beliefs are a grave threat to gay and lesbian people and that those who express religious beliefs, especially those who talk about doing “God’s will” and express how they pray for guidance all the time and ask God to “make them an instrument of (His) will”, are certainly not sane or intelligent individuals, not at all fit for government, and a danger to the existence of gay and lesbian people, especially when they run for and take governmental positions.

    But they then unquestioningly support and defend those who absolutely express such beliefs, talk about a “higher power” than government, pray all the time for guidance, and also encourage fasting to “remind us of the principles that we hold in common”.

  • 9
    ascanius001 says:

    No, the trouble with Michele Bachmann is her fundamentalism and theocratic/Christian dominionist tendencies. I don’t think Barry has much trouble respecting the separation of church and state.

    I’m actually pegging him as a closet agnostic/atheist who unfortunately has to do the polite religion-lite posturing for political reasons. But that’s just a conjecture.

  • 10
    Kenny says:

    ND30 touches on a good point but as usual it’s lost in his bitter rantings. There are Christians and Christian extremists and that distinction is an important one. The Episcopal Church has stood firm in its belief for equality even though it’s meant the departure of several dioceses. We contrast that with Christian extremists such as Westboro or any Christian group that wants to base our laws on what’s written in the Bible. I have no problem with Christians not approving of gay people. Christians who want to use their religious beliefs (not facts) to oppress folks by denying them rights, particularly those associated with parenthood or adoption, deserve all the criticism they receive. Bill McCollum doesn’t want gay people to adopt, not because he has any scientific evidence to support his belief but simply because his version of Jesus tells him that gays shouldn’t adopt. Someone willing to use religion rather than fact to create laws has no business in politics, especially as an Attorney General.

  • 11
    Kenny says:

    The Hoot- Smalley incident pretty much sums up Bachmann and is a good indicator of how much credence should be given to anything that tumbles from her mouth. Her Christian beliefs don’t worry me. Her stupidity, however, does. She’s got to be best friends with the Democrat representing Houston who believes Armstrong visited Mars in 1969.

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