Anti-Marriage-Equality Group Accidentally Creates Pro-Equality Video

This video is from a group opposing same-sex marriage, but how on earth can it be interpreted as anything but an argument for letting same-sex parents marry?

The fact that they can’t see they’re destroying their own argument is another sign that they can’t win this thing in the long haul. Something is blinding them to their own truth. Call it bigotry, hate, homophobia, or silliness. Eventually, truth will out — especially when they’re the ones promoting it.

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2 comments to Anti-Marriage-Equality Group Accidentally Creates Pro-Equality Video

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    Spunky says:

    Yes; it is amusing how her conclusion had absolutely nothing to do with what she was saying before.
    It all goes back to your first argument again Robert George’s paper, about the “ideal” concept of marriage vs. the “man-made” concept. If most people at M4M believe God created marriage to be about children, then her entire argument was meaningless anyway–even if marriage hurt children, it would still be about children, since God said so. If God didn’t create marriage, her argument is at least a valid one, although to that I would say…
    …no. Just because marriage is good for children doesn’t mean marriage is “about” children. This sounds kind of silly and even illogical at first, but it makes sense the more you think about it: just because marriage generally benefits something or someone doesn’t automatically make it/him/her an automatic factor in the concept of marriage. Otherwise, we could make the argument, “happily married gays do far better than others–hence marriage is primarily about the two people involved in it and is about the most pro-gay institution ever created.”

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    clayton says:

    So let’s assume for a moment (as this commercial seems to do) that all heterosexual couples have biological children, and that no gay and lesbian couples have children of any kind.
    How does the existence of same-sex marriage impede, obstruct or prevent heterosexual marriage?  How does the existence of same-sex marriage make it more difficult for heterosexual couples to provide their children with the benefits of marriage?  Heterosexual couples would still be free to marry (or not) as they see fit.
    And same-sex couples who (gasp) have children, whether biological or adopted, would *also* be able to provide those benefits to their children.
    I know I’m preaching to the choir, but I get tired of people who are “protecting” marriage acting as though marriage is a zero-sum game, and that if same-sex couples are allowed to marry, somehow there won’t be enough marriages to go around.

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