Anti-Gay Contradictions: Who Are the Extremists Here, Anyway?

Our anti-gay opponents scatter arguments like lawn seed, tossing them out by the handful and seeing which take root, with little concern for what’s actually true. That’s why the movement is such an intellectual tangle. This is part of a series pointing out the contradictions you trip over when you step back and pay attention to their whole big field of weeds.

Contradiction 5: Gays are radical extremists who don’t support radical extremism.

The National Organization for against something-something Marriage is funny in a buffoonish, Keystone Kops kind of way. They like to call us radicals and extremists, but then they trip themselves up by proving the opposite. Here’s their president, Brian Brown:

Maybe [the failure of gay Republicans at the convention] has something to do with another truth the media doesn’t report: even gay people don’t think gay marriage is their most urgent problem.

That’s right: a new Harris interactive poll touted by GOProud shows just 6 percent of gay voters named same-sex marriage as their top issue!

I’m not surprised. Personally, this radical extremist places a higher priority on, for example, not going to war with Iran. Or making sure children don’t starve. I simply think we work for those goals while still seeking justice and legal equality for everyone.

No, the radical extremists aren’t on our side so much. It’s the NOM royalty like Maggie Gallagher and Kirk Cameron and Frank Turek who think homosexuality and same-sex marriage are a threat to western civilization.

So let’s sum up NOM’s world view:

  • Marriage equality advocates are extreme fanatics who recognize that there are more important things in the world than same-sex marriage.
  • And marriage equality opponents are civil, rational folk who think giving marriage to a tiny subset of law-abiding adults will destroy civilization.

Poor Brian Brown. He’s got so many talking points to keep track of he can’t even tell when they contradict each other. But that’s okay. We’ll keep watch for him.

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