A few of my favorite things

Maybe it’s just because I’m on Vicodin (details below, not for the squeamish), but it’s delicious to listen to the 7th Circuit judges ask Indiana’s attorney general why he wants the adopted children of same-sex couples to be worse off than the adopted children of opposite-sex couples.

Actually, deliciousness is in effect during the whole grilling (and by grilling, I mean holding the AG’s arguments so close to the flame they end up with burn marks!). It comes both from hearing the AG stumble over his words, and also the constant incredulity in the voices of the judges.  The brutality starts almost immediately. One of my is when a judge asks the AG for evidence to support a silly argument. The AG says it’s “self-evident” and the judge replies:

Self-ev — I regard it as absurd. You say it’s self-evident. [laughter in the courtroom]

Definitely worth a listen.

About the Vicodin: I had emergency (in-patient) surgery yesterday to fix a retinal detachment. First the doctor plunged a cryogenic probe into my eyeball to freeze the retina back in position by creating scar tissue. Then he pushed a syringe into my eye to inject a gas bubble that applies pressure to hold the retina in place and force out unwanted fluid.

Hence the Vicodin.

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6 comments to A few of my favorite things

  • 1
    robtish says:

    Or how about this. The judge says, “You don’t have any facts, you haven’t studied any of these issues, right?” And the AG says, “No…”

  • 2
    Not That Ryan says:

    He has created a sophistry to exclude same sex couples and gets mad that anyone could consider anything else to be relevant to marriage.

  • 3
    RayM says:

    I’d love to watch/listen, but the link doesn’t take me anywhere. Well, nowhere except a ‘Forbidden’ notice!

  • 4
    RayM says:

    P.S. I’m trying not to imagine your eye experience. I trust everything goes well.

  • 5
    Bose in St. Peter MN says:

    Hey Rob… a miniscule consolation on the eye surgery — my grandpa had early retina-reattachment surgeries in the early ’50s at Mayo clinic after a head injury. It failed in the first eye, so after the second, his head was held in place in bed for days by straps & sandbags, followed by forced recuperation for a few weeks under the watchful eye of the surgeon’s elderly Japanese mother (a non-English-speaking person, and fierce!).

    Be well… I’m glad no sandbags are involved!

  • 6
    Deeelaaach says:

    Rob, somehow sticking a two inch needle in my thigh every week pales in comparison to having somebody stick a needle in [your] eye. I hope the prognosis for your vision is good.

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