“I was raised to treat others how you want to be treated.”

Dear Dr. Regnerus...

I’ve sent this message to Mark Regnerus. I’ll let you know whether I hear back.

Dear Dr. Regnerus,

I write to inform you of an urgent problem: The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is misrepresenting your research for its political campaign. As a serious scholar, you will surely want to ask them to correct this misuse of […]

In case you're wondering how I spent my weekend...

Harlem Shake, Edwardian style.

Gay Lobby Prevents Tebow from Endorsing Anti-gay, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Judaism, Anti-Mormon Pastor. HOW DARE WE??

Quarterback Tim Tebow recently cancelled an appearance at the opening of Robert Jeffress’ $115 million church after finding out about Jeffress’ controversial reputation.

The good pastor has spoken out against:

Mormonism (“a heresy from the pit of hell”)

Judaism (“you can’t be saved being a Jew”)

Catholicism (“the genius of Satan”)

and, of course,

Gays (“homosexuality is perverse, it represents a […]

Read This.

I’ve just finished reading the introduction of Olson and Boies’ Supreme Court brief against Prop 8. I’m so certain you’d love it that I’m reprinting the whole section here. For readability’s sake I’ve removed all but two of the legal citations. You can find those in the original.

This case is about marriage, “the most important […]

In case you ever wondered what a straw man is...

Technically, a straw man is “an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s position.”

And boy do I have an example for you.

Gilles Bernheim, author of a new article against same-sex marriage, is the Chief Rabbi of France. That’s impressive. But just in case don’t you didn’t realize it, he spends the first 716 words of the […]


H/T to my excellent lolcat-obsessed friend BradP.

I might need to start working harder.

From Crew Magazine.

Freakin' freaks are freaking out.

Today at 11:33am PST, during the Illinois State Senate debate on same-sex marriage, Sen. Kyle McCarter (R) said — no, you won’t believe me.

Hold on, let me try.

He said…

He said…

He said…most florists will close their shops rather than give service to same-sex couples.

The crowd expressed its skepticism.

UPDATE: See for yourself here, at the 1:10:15 mark.

Simply Wrong

Yesterday I wrote our opponents love to claim they’re persecuted simply for opposing same-sex marriage — claiming it so falsely and frequently, I now interpret simply as code for there’s so much we’re not telling you.

I didn’t expect to have another example so soon.

It seems author Orson Scott Card is slated to write a Superman series for […]