Anti-Gay Contradictions: Who Are the Extremists Here, Anyway?

Our anti-gay opponents scatter arguments like lawn seed, tossing them out by the handful and seeing which take root, with little concern for what’s actually true. That’s why the movement is such an intellectual tangle. This is part of a series pointing out the contradictions you trip over when you step back and pay attention […]

Will Is Having Foot Surgery Today

Will’s having a bone spur removed in a few hours. Last night I got home from work to find him gloating over all the junk food he’d bought to console himself over the weekend.

Frankly, he was so giddy I’m no longer sure whether the point of all that food is to make him feel better […]

“Two gay guys walk into a mosque… they were never heard from again!” Ha, ha ha! (Undercover at NOM)

Carlos Maza attended a weekend conference on defending “natural marriage” sponsored by NOM. It’s a sad, infuriating, and frightening account, giving the lie to NOM’s claim that they aren’t anti-gay, just pro-tradition.

Maza includes a wealth of links, as well, creating a great compendium of NOM’s general egregiousness.

Have look.

Anti-Marriage-Equality Group Accidentally Creates Pro-Equality Video

This video is from a group opposing same-sex marriage, but how on earth can it be interpreted as anything but an argument for letting same-sex parents marry?

The fact that they can’t see they’re destroying their own argument is another sign that they can’t win this thing in the long haul. Something is blinding them to […]

Summer Fun

This is being posted everywhere, but in case you haven’t seen it…

NOM's Long and Profitable History of Deceit

When Floyd Corkins shot a guard at the Family Research Council, some people focused on the injured hero; others on the disturbed shooter. Some decried our nation’s fraying discourse; others worried over rhetoric vs. reality.

The National Organization for Marriage, it seems, is focusing on dollar $igns$. I wouldn’t begrudge them even that, if they weren’t […]

Bad Predictions

I’m posting this even though it’s not related to, well, anything, but I remember reading it long ago, and it kind of tickles me. From Vanity Fair, 1989:

This spring, [Kevin Costner] follows his role as a fading minor-leaguer in Bull Durham with an unprecedented second baseball tinged movie, Field of Dreams. This summer, he delivers […]

I invented a nutritional supplement this morning.

The market is HUGE!

If We Don't Call it 'Hate,' What Shall We Call It?

One of the best lessons I ever got in professionalism came from a boss who said, Don’t just bring me a problem. Bring a solution, too. Great advice. Suggesting a solution — even if it’s unworkable, a mere starting point for discussion — shows you’ve thought seriously about the problem, and you’re not just an […]

Dear Brian Brown: When it comes to violence and vilification, NOM is there.

Dear Brian Brown,

After Wednesday’s shooting at the Family Research Council, you quickly leveraged the event into a self-serving denunciation of the Southern Poverty Law Center. I can’t fault you for that. After all, in the wake of Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting, I denounced Sarah Palin for lacking the decency to take down her “target map” with […]