For the Record, I Believe Men Should Be Able to Marry Women. Now Can We Move On?

Yesterday I slammed a Minnesota for Marriage video. It promised to give us a rational basis for banning same-sex marriage, but in fact it just made a cause for allowing the bio-parents of a child to marry. Somehow, M4M just took for granted that this means same-sex couples shouldn’t have marriage rights without bother to […]

I Do Not Think Rational Means What They Think It Means

Minnesota for Marriage (M4M) is pushing for a state marriage amendment with a series of short videos. They’ve used a number of tactics, including deceit, but their latest effort is like an arrow that doesn’t even try to find the target.

The video claims to deal with this question:

Is it true that Minnesota’s marriage law has […]

Many, many thanks!

In the 24 hours after asking you guys for just $10 more in donations to the AIDS/LifeCycle, I’ve received $270 in contributions! Thank you so very, very much.

(And for those of you who were wondering about my partner Will:  Yes, he’s doing the ride, too, and his donations are in good shape.)

Just $10 Away

Hey everybody. I’m asking for just the tiniest bit of help. I need to raise $3000 for the AIDS/LifeCycle by tomorrow, May 30. I’m now at $2990. The company I work for will add some matching funds sometime in July, and that’s great, but it’ll be after my deadline.

So I’m asking y’all to help me […]

Republican Mythology: The Reagan Recovery

Recently I compared Obama’s stimulus to the austerity approach favored by Republicans, which Europe has pursued with meager success. But maybe that wasn’t fair. Republicans never call their policies “European.” Instead, they invoke Ronald Reagan and his 1983 economic recovery. For instance, here’s the Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference:

President Reagan took a very different […]

Memorial Day

In honor of our soldiers (and their best friends).

This, I Did Not Expect

A couple years ago, a man showed up carrying this sign at a National Organization for Marriage rally:

In a decidedly emotional reaction, I redesigned NOM’s logo to reflect the sentiment:

I expected some controversy, and when my head settled I offered a more considered analysis of the situation (though NOM’s later dishonesty relieved my fear that I’d treated them […]

Debating Republicans on the Economy

Republicans have been talking about Obama’s “failed stimulus” that “made the economy worse,” and you’ll be hearing a lot more as the election nears. I want to supply a few key points you can tell your friends, colleagues, and family if they try this line on you.

Europe, for the most part, didn’t go the stimulus […]

“I know what my family is worth.”

An audience member asks Australian shadow treasurer Joe Hockey why he believes he and his wife make better parents than Finance Minister Penny Wong and her partner Sophie. Folks are calling this a “watershed moment” in the ongoing fight for marriage equality.

I know what my family is worth.

Do I Have a Demon?

Get back, Mr. Demon!

Some time back I presented you with Reverend Bob Larson and his $9.95 online demon test:

Taking the Demon Test® may be the most important spiritual decision you make. This Test is the result of more than 30 years of research and thousands of hours in personal ministry with troubled souls. Through this […]