A Lousy Lay

JoeMyGod alerts us to Paul Angelo, a gay matchmaker who wants us to stop having anal sex:

Angelo explains that receptive anal sex decreases self esteem by forcing the person to assume a submissive position during an act of pleasure. This confuses the brain to believe that a feminine-like behavior is appropriate for a man and […]

Do You Have a Demon? Find Out for Just $9.95!!!

I'm butcher than a demon. And my cross is FABULOUSSS!

This is Reverend Bob Larson.  He makes (or has made) over $1.2 million a year. And for just $9.95 he will tell you if you have a demon:

Taking the Demon Test® may be the most important spiritual decision you make. This Test is the result […]

A Quick Note to the Democratic Party

I got a call from the Democratic Party asking for money. I told the phone solicitor I was supporting individual candidates and ballot measures, but I wouldn’t be sending any contributions to the party itself  until it came out firmly in favor of marriage equality.

He started yelling at me.


So just a quick note to anyone […]

NOM's Christmas Gift: Deepening Desperation

NOM reports that 61% of New Hampshire voters want to repeal the state’s recognition of same-sex marriage. Disappointing, but we have to remember that even this represents progress when compared to public sentiment a decade ago, so —

Wait, hold on, let me check…

So sorry. My mistake. NOM is reporting that 60% of New Hampshire Republicans […]

Merry Christmas!

Lucas and Chloe look up from their naps just long enough to wish you all a happy holiday.

Watch this. Just watch this.

Is Janice Shaw Crouse Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

I’ve written about anti-gay activist Janice Shaw Crouse in the past.  More than once, in fact. Her arguments tend to be so off-the-mark it’s hard to decide whether she’s deliberately dishonest or just heroically incompetent.

She’s at it again. In the midst of a calm, measured, and false presentation against homosexuality, she says this, as if […]

Lil' Drac

It’s amazing the stuff that can inspire a little Christmas spirit in your heart.

Maggie Gallagher Lies. Or Forgets. Or Something.

Maggie Gallagher ought to remember that her opponents know how to Google.

Today, over on NOMblog, she offers us this:

I would like to say personally that nothing in any argument I’ve ever made on gay marriage, rests on the idea that same-sex couples harm their own children at any higher rates than any other family form.

Really? […]

Bobbleheaded Bigot

Sometimes we toss around the b-word too easily. But after seeing this ad from Rick Perry:

I’ll say the man’s one big, bobbleheaded bigot.

[Feel free to right-click on the bobbler, save the image, and share it if you like.]