Republican Candidates: They Talk So Silly Stuff

I’ve been flabbergasted by the desperate sub-mediocrity of the Republican presidential field.

So has the American electorate: Polls show Obama losing to a “generic” Republican candidate, but defeating any of the folk who’ve actually appeared at the Republican debates.  And watching how quickly the frontrunner changes, how high each one soars and then crashes to earth, […]

“No, Not THAT Phallus!”

When I reviewed David Reubens’ vile, best-selling character assassination of gay people recently, I did find myself laughing at one choice bit:

The homosexual must constantly search for the one man, the one penis, the one experience, that will satisfy him. Tragically there is no possibility of satisfaction because the formula is wrong. One penis plus […]

Australian Marriage Equality Ad

Happy Thanksgiving

Gay men and our dogs.

Will and I are at a friend’s house in Palm Springs. Seven guys and six dogs. Those are the mutts Lucas and Chloe, and four purebred (we think) golden retrievers. Lucas is best frenemies with the golden lying next him. They wrestle constantly. Chloe is so much smaller than all […]

A Message from a Moderator at Ruthblog

As a follow-up to my post, NOM’s Special Right, I got this comment from Betsy, a moderator at Ruthblog. As thoroughly as I disagree with her on most everything we’ve talked about, I’ve never viewed her in the same light as I do many NOM folk, so in response to her request, I’m highlighting this message.

Hi, […]

NOM's Special Right

NOM has decided to ban a contributor to one of its blogs.  Not a commenter, mind you (that would be nothing new), but a contributor, an official NOM blogger:

We at the Ruth blog have decided to no longer allow Ari to have posting privileges over here.  His sarcasm has gone over the line and we […]

Tiger Piglets

Just a little something light to balance the grim pics in my last post.

Story here.

Casually Pepper-Spray Everything

The Internets are busting with Photoshopped versions of this pic.

For instance, pepper spraying the Constitution:

There’s a whole array of these mashups here, where you can also get a Photoshop-ready version of the figure.

Here’s mine:

The Sounds of Silence

This is powerful.

Start with this video of UC Davis Police Officer Lt. John Pike pepper spraying a group of seated students on the UC Davis campus. You only need watch a few seconds.

Now watch the students’ protest later. All they do is silently watch UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi walk to her car.

That’s all.



Somebody got in trouble...

Read the headline in a sing-song voice.

Someone came to my site through this link.  All I can figure is that somebody tried to pass off one of my blog entries on their own.  The teacher, obviously blown away by the extraordinary and edifying effects of my eloquent, er, eloquence, decided to check whether the student […]