The American Dream, Inequality, and Immobility

I don’t have a problem with income inequality per se.  Consider:

It makes perfect sense that I’m paid more as an instructional designer than I was as a banquet waiter.  My instructional design services are simply worth more to prospective employers than my waitering ever was (clumsy hands spilling drinks!).

A good friend has a much income […]

Jon Stewart Hits a Double

First, this great piece on “Climate-Gate”:

Then, this brilliant expose of the con game “scientistis” call “science”:

Caption This

During last night’s debate, I knew Michele Bachmann’s sailor-of-the-future outfit (thanks Marcus!) reminded me of something. I pulled the images together this morning, but couldn’t think up a tag line.  Ideas?

Ode to a Goldman-Sachs Exec

A quote by Atlantic Monthly contributor Conor Friedersdorf has shown up as a sign at Occupy Wall Street. The signs are tough to read, though, and the sentence reads almost like a poem, so I thought I’d reformat it.

If you’d like to blow it up and put it on a sign, download the PDF version […]

Bank of America Stands Up for Fairness (!)

Bank of America has decided to reimburse its domestically-partnered employees for “gay tax” they pay on their health insurance benefits.  Our opponents will decry this as special treatment, so be ready. Here’s a reprint from March, 2010, where I calculated the gay tax’s impact on me.  You can use the analysis and link to figure […]

Frank Kameny has died.

Frank Kameny was a gay rights pioneer, a man who fired from his federal job for being gay. He waged a fierce battle for others like him, and in the face of atrocious bigotry raised himself from moral pariah to hero, a man recognized by the Smithsonian for his contributions to freedom and dignity.

How hard […]

A Question for Devout Christians Readers of this Blog

Why do mainstream Christians regard the writings of St. Paul as the word of God?  I understand how a Christian would be required to view the words of Jesus as God’s revealed truth, but why the words of Paul?

And everyone, please note that I’m trying to understand, not start a debate.  You’re all free to […]

Deficit Spending. And the Bible.

God, it seems, is a Keynesian.

John Maynard Keynes, you’ll recall, was the most influential economist of the 20th century. Dishonest conservatives like Mark Steyn see him as a homosexual villain of low homosexual character whose shallow homosexual worldview created our global economic crisis.

In reality, Keynes advocating easing the business cycle by having the government accumulate budget […]