Bank of America Gives Me New Non-Existent Service

Bank of America is planning to charge customers $5 a month for the privilege of using their debit cards.  I just got off the phone with BofA, and since I have a mortgage with them, I’m a “premiere” customer and won’t be subject to the fee.

But when I said, “That’s good,” the service rep told […]

Frank Turek, Anti-gay Martyr

My boss’s boss has scheduled a Habitat-for-Humanity team-building event next Thursday. The cause is worthy, but my initial reaction was decidedly less so:

A 90-minute drive and I’ve got to be there by 8am?  [whine]  To do manual labor?  [whine]  And as the group’s resident tall man who works out, guess who they’ll ask to dig […]

"A Vest Made from the Pelt of a Cookie Monster She Shot from a Helicopter"

Sarah Palin is afraid that becoming president will rob her of the power she exercises by riding around in a bus uttering cliches. Jon Stewart reports:

Ex-Gay Project Fails

The National Organization “for” Marriage is trumpeting a new survey about changing your sexual orientation, based on “religiously-mediated” involvement in Christian conversion ministries:

Many professional voices proclaim that it is impossible to change homosexual orientation, and that the attempt to change is commonly and inherently harmful…

The results show change to be possible for some, and the […]

Rick Santorum -- Why Homophobia is a Psychological Disorder

People are missing the real story.

You’ve probably heard about Rick Santorum and the openly gay solider at the Republican debate.  Watch it here if you like, but so far the outcry has focused on the crowd booing an active-duty soldier just for being gay, the candidates’ failure to condemn the catcalls, and Santorum neglecting to […]

We're Never Going Back to This

I’ve heard antigays argue our relationships don’t merit recognition. I’ve heard others go further and declare the only legal recognition should be punishment.

I’ve sat through speeches calling our love immoral, and talking heads who think that if we can’t help our nature, then we ought just be celibate. I’ve read essays that deny our families […]

Confused Adults Find Children Confusing

Will’s nieces and nephews (he’s got enough to field a baseball team) have started calling me Uncle Rob.

It chokes me up.

It started with the girls. I’d been showing up at family events for a couple years, but Will’s family is very conservative (as was mine) and I’m not sure anyone officially explained who I am. […]

A Cry from the Heart

Sadly, I still haven’t broken my habit of commenting on Ruthblog, one of NOM’s websites. It’s pointless, I know, but I didn’t realize how pointless until today.

I was going back and forth with folks who believe the First Amendment sets up Christianity as the national religion, and merely prevents Congress from setting one particular Christian […]

Global Economic Crisis? Blame the Gay!

The other day I wrote about Mark Steyn, bestselling conservative author, and Frank Pastore, host of the biggest Christian radio talk show in the US. The radio host was promoting Steyn’s big lie about economist John Maynard Keynes.

Just to recap, Steyn writes this in his new book:

In his pithiest maxim, John Maynard Keynes, the most influential economist […]

The Stoner Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage

This morning NOM points its readers to a blog post by Prof. John Araujo, a distinguished Jesuit law professor. Araujo is commenting on Laurence Tribe, a leading (perhaps the leading) liberal scholar of Constitutional Law:

[Tribe] also derides the use [of] arguments against same-sex marriage that rely on what he labels “pseudo-scientific claims.”

He does not […]