“Please do not feed the puppies.”

Will took this picture of Chloe and Lucas not long ago. Chloe’s about 14 weeks here.

We were having a party that day, and Will snapped this to make a sign reading, “Please do not feed the puppies.”

I love it because Chloe looks exactly like she’s thinking, “No feed the puppies? Hruh?”

"Your a foggot"

If you have a few minutes and feel like a bit of dark humor, read this.

H/T to my friends Brad and Justin.

“Buzz Words”

Public opinion keeps shifting toward allowing same-sex couples to legally marry. That make the work of the National Organization “for” Marriage a lot more strenuous. Every time a new poll comes out, NOM is reduced to spinning the results while bent over backwards, dancing on the head of a pin, keeping a straight face on […]

Don't Tell Me Marriage Doesn't Evolve

I discovered something today that shocked me.

I’ve known for a long time that “traditional” marriage involved a woman who could not own property, could be beaten (lightly) by her husband, and had no protection from being raped by him.

Actually, that’s a bit of a misnomer: Husbands never “raped” their wives because it was considered a […]

Goodness and God

Over and over I’ve seen our religious opponents claim that atheists and agnostics cannot be moral, that without God there can be no objective morality, just arbitrary whim. They seem to view this as self-evident, because they rarely defend it. They merely assert it.

There are two issues here, though. One is what kind of morality […]

Ask Our Opponents This Question

I came across this comment on one of the NOM blogs:

Letting lesbians adopt and have children is horrible…Having homosexual male couples is even worse. They are always off and having sex with multiple partners rather than being the parent the child needs.

I’d like to ask this of all opponents of marriage equality who are such […]

The Idiocy of Making Men from Straw

The National Organization “for” Marriage is upset with us again. According Jennifer Roback Morse (NOM’s resident big-brain), we’re guilty of intimidation though breathing.


No, seriously.

Morse writes in her article, Intelligent Replies to Idiotic Comments, Part 2, (Gasp!!!):

“But same sex couples already have children!” This is not, strictly speaking, an idiotic comment, since it is a statement […]

More from the Echo Chamber: Getting Loving Wrong

I’ve seen a new meme coming out of the anti-gay echo chamber. It’s about Loving v. Virginia, the case that struck down laws against interracial marriage. Huge controversy there — some on our side believe the case sets a precedent for legalizing marriage equality; our opponents say, Nuh uh!

Lately, I’ve seen claims that the Supreme […]

In honor of America's credit rating downgrade...

H/T to Andrew Sullivan.

NOM's Marriage Pledge: A Self-Inflicted Wound

The National Organization “for” Marriage wants presidential candidates to sign a marriage pledge. Bachmann, Santorum, and Romney have complied.  That’s a NOM victory, of sorts, though we already knew Bachmann and Santorum are anti-gay, and Romney would likely sign anything that won him primary votes.

Really, though, NOM has shot itself in the foot.  This pledge […]