Scary Gays and William Tam

In the recent DOMA hearings, Senator Chuck “pull the plug on Grandma” Grassley was very upset that he couldn’t present his excellent witness to testify before Congress:

The minority very much hoped to call a witness today at this hearing to testify in support of DOMA. I am sure she would have done an excellent job.

She […]

Symbolic Stupidity

I hardly ever use the word inane. In fact, I’ve never put it in a blog post. I don’t know why. It’s a perfectly good word, meaning lacking sense, significance, or ideas; pointless. I guess I’ve just never been driven to the point where it seemed appropriate.

Until now.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is NOM’s resident intellectual and […]

Dolly Parton's Other Voice

FACT: Dolly Parton is two amazing singers. If you slow her songs down (as if you were playing an old 45 at 33rpm) she sounds completely different and really terrific.

Here’s her song 9 to 5 at regular speed. Listen for a few seconds just to remember the feel of it.

Now here’s the same song, […]

Chloe is fearless. Lucas is patient.

I shot this on July 1, four days after we brought Chloe home.The first time she met Lucas, she curled up in a corner and piddled. Looks like she’s over it.

BTW Chloe weighed 8 pounds here, and Lucas weighed 55.

Still having fun, Maggie?

Happiness is when reality exceeds your expectations. Apparently the National Organization “for” Marriage has officially lowered its expectations.

Over on their blog, NOM is happily touting a new poll in a post called, New Quinnipiac Poll: Majority Does NOT Support SSM:

The latest Quinnipiac poll:

Would you support or oppose a law in your state that would allow same-sex couples […]

The Alliance Defense Fund and More Special Rights

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is an anti-gay legal group disguised as protectors religious liberty. They believe government employees should be able to pick and choose which laws to follow based on their religious beliefs (as long as those beliefs are Christian).

Naturally, they think it’s perfectly reasonable for Town Clerks in New York to hold […]

Do I have to pass some bureaucrat's religious test?

Occasionally Jon Stewart compiles a montage of far-right-wingers all pushing some little catchphrase (death panels, or shoving it down our throats). These phrases are obviously contrived and distributed. They’re usually empty or false.

But the tactic isn’t always dishonorable. A good talking point can have a great and lasting impact and still be true. We could […]

Worst Argument Against Marriage Equality EVER!

Here’s one hilarious example of entitlement running amok.

Over on one of NOM’s websites, an antigay was complaining about how marriage equality hurts his life.

The Massachusetts marriage license now says PartyA and PartyB and not husband and wife thanks to SSM.

Someone replied:

Big deal. Who cares? If this is the kind of thing that keeps you awake at […]

Will you still need me, will you still heed me, when you're sixty-four?*

In recent months we’ve seen several polls showing a majority of Americans now support marriage equality (plus one from NOM, less favorable, that merely highlights their own polling desperation).

These polls always display amazing support from young voters. Our opponents dismiss that: People get more conservative as they get older. They’ll change their minds. They’ll come to […]

NOM: Let them kill gays.

NOM is awfully worried about keeping conservative Pakistani Muslims happy. This is their recent blog entry titled, “Will Hillary’s Pakistani Gay Rights Meeting Sponsor More Terrorism?”

Pakistan is not happy about a U.S. embassy-sponsored gay rights meeting, calling it second only to a military drone strike as an attack on Pakistan.

We do not concur, but we […]