This Scares Me a Bit

I’d feel better if it weren’t being pushed by an elected official, if the government official’s message weren’t so sectarian, if the whole thing weren’t so…well, if it just weren’t.

* And if “perversion” is code for “homosexuality,” then we have the governor of America’s second-most populous state asking his 24,000,000 citizens to pray homosexuals out […]

Oh, I hate to do this...

…but I’m going to defend a Bachmann.

Not Michelle, who scares me the way Sarah Palin scares me — actually, Michelle scares me more:  Michelle is scary where Sarah is merely craven. A true believer divorced from reality is more dangerous than an inch-deep celebrity who just wants to be ever more famous.

No, I’m going to […]

Barbara MacEwen, Religious Liberty, and Special Rights

Suppose an on-duty police officer sees a known homosexual getting stomped to death in an alley by two men shouting, “Die, faggot, die!”  He does nothing to stop it, and he lets the thugs escape, because he believes in Leviticus 20:13:

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of […]

Yee Frackin' Ha!

Cheers and applause? Fuck yeah.

The Poll I'd Like to See

NOM’s skewed sampling on its recent poll was so ludicrous that I skipped over a deeper, more philosophical issue. In their attempt to influence NY lawmakers in their current debate, NOM asked this irrelevant question:

Do you agree or disagree that marriage should only be between a man and a woman?

I’d be fascinated to see the […]

NOM's Desperate and Dishonest Poll (Updated)

This has got to be NOM’s most blatant dishonesty yet.

They commissioned a survey to influence the New York State Senate’s vote over marriage equality.  This is their headline announcing the results:

New Poll: 57% of New Yorkers Reject Same-Sex Marriage, Just One in Four Want the Legislature to Decide the Issue

What makes this so egregious? NOM […]

I love this poster

H/T to a commenter on evolution at Joe.My.God.

NOM Admits to Advocating Theocracy!

Well, they didn’t use exactly that language. Here’s what NOM president Bryan Brown wrote:

NOM pledged at least $1 million to help educate New Yorkers on how their representatives vote on this issue. With your help and God’s, we will stand by our word.

As Archbishop Timothy P. Dolan put it so eloquently this week, “God, […]

Huge Arms, Man -- I mean, Hugh Jackman

Mm mmm.

Sometimes NOM is just too damned cute

NOM recently acquired a former football star, David Tyree, to join in their anti-marriage crusade. They interviewed him, posted it on youtube, and then announced:

Tyree Video on Marriage Going Viral!

So I clicked on over, and you know how many hits the video had at that time?


Oh NOM.  You ever feel like they live under a […]