Doing the AIDS/LifeCycle -- Need Your Support!

Mid-way through last year’s ride

Blogging’s been light recently, not just because of the kitchen remodel, but because I’ve been training for the AIDS/LifeCycle again — the 580-mile, 7-day bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for AIDS prevention and research.

It starts on June 5th. This will be my fifth ride. It’ll […]

NOM Hides its Ugliness

Over at the Ruth Institute (NOM’s pet project for “making marriage cool again”), they’re making a big deal over a study showing that same-sex couples are less likely to stay together than opposite-sex couples, and that lesbian couples are less likely to stay together than gay male couples.  Morse writes:

Please note one other thing: gender […]

On Purpose

Nothing has a purpose.  Wait, that’s not what I meant.

No “thing” has a purpose. Only living things can have a purpose. When we say a thing has a purpose, we really mean that people have a purpose for that thing.

Confusing? It should be. “Purpose” is one of the most abused words in our language. We […]


Well, it looks like the Rapture isn’t coming — or at the very least, I’m not being taken, not unless God suddenly pulls me up and away from my compu

The Soft Bigotry of Telling Us Who We Are

Some bigotry is easy to see. Commenters on NOM’s Facebook page used to dismiss same-sex relationships with, “That’s not love, that’s lust!” (always with the exclamation point). I suspect that sort of thing may actually help us with the great Undecided American Middle. It’s such an obviously lunatic position, I can refute it with one […]

If you know what dogs like...

The kitchen remodel has been kicking my butt.  I expect to be back blogging regularly again very soon, though.  In the meantime, here’s a great little vid (H/T to JoeMyGod).