I'm Too Clumsy to Save the Environment

I’m clumsy.  I drop things.  I break things.  Specifically, I break light bulbs.

I just read instructions from the Environment Protection Agency on how to clean up a broken compact fluorescent bulb.

I can’t be trusted to do this.  Not to do it well, anyway.  And since Lucas constantly sniffs the floor (Lucas is our dog), I […]

Missing Y'All

Has it really been a week since my last post?  No, it couldn’t be.  But it is!

I haven’t gone anywhere.  Life’s just been a bit much lately.  Will and I had our birthday last Friday and threw a fundraiser.  It was a big success (beyond our expectations) but it wiped us out.  Then I got […]




“She’s My Sister.”

Imagine you’re a beautiful woman (if you are a beautiful woman, imagine you’re yourself).

Times are tough and you move with your husband to a new town where things might be better. It’s a pretty rough place, and your husband’s a cautious sort. You’re so beautiful he’s scared someone might kill him, just to get him out of […]

Allen! Allen! Al! Allen!

This is genius.

H/T to Andrew Sullivan.

Accidental Compassion

The Catholic Diocese of Colorado has launched a 12-step program for gays.  The goal is chastity, not conversion to heterosexuality.  They adapted AA’s 12-steps for this purpose, but something funny happened along the way: 

Their 12 steps will actually guide tormented believers into a life any practicing homosexual (who believes in God) could support.

Look at […]

I'm in a Cranky Mood

The pope said this Friday:

The approval of forms of union which pervert the essence and goal of the family ends up penalising those people who, not without effort, seek to maintain stable emotional ties which are juridically guaranteed and publicly recognised. In this context, the Church looks with favour upon all initiatives which seek to […]

On the History of Marriage

Prop 8 witness (on our side) Nancy Cott has adapted her expert report from that trial into an article for the Boston Review.

It’s terrific.  Go read the whole thing, but here are a couple teasers to tempt you.

On civil marriage and religion

Seventeenth-century English colonists in North America created marriage laws almost immediately upon settling. In […]

Workout Inspiration

Australian footballer Lucas Neill

Utter Deception or Utter Delusion

I can’t believe this.  Here’s what NOM wrote on their blog, complaining about Paul Krugman saying that toxic, eliminationist political rhetoric comes overwhelmingly from the right.

By “eliminationist rhetoric,” Paul Krugman means rhetoric which suggests that one’s opponents are not just wrong, they are illegitimate—that in a better world they would not exist.

Well, you and I […]