Book Club: Ch 2 -- On Trust

[Sorry I’ve let the Book Club lapse.  I’m rededicating myself to it now.  You can find previous posts here.]

In Chapter 2 of The Political Brain, Drew Westen argues against the notion of the dispassionate brain.

The founding fathers, many of the great seventeenth and eighteenth century philosophers whose ideas shaped their thinking (and […]

European Men

You’re welcome.

What I'm Thankful For

I was arguing on a NOM Facebook page with people who are telling me I’m full of sin, and while I was typing madly I suddenly heard Will (who has a lovely voice) started to sing, “The Way You Look Tonight” in another room.  And it brought me back home.

Two really are better than one.

Sinful Homosexual Thanksgiving Behavior (and a recipe!)

As you all know, there are no homosexuals, there is only sinful homosexual behavior.  And I’m afraid I’m at it again.

Will and I are going to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving, and last night I made a sweet potato/apricot dish for the family.  All because Will is my homosexual life partner.  But there’s hope:  some […]

Argument By Aside

I’m coining a new fallacy:  Argument by aside.

Argument by aside: issuing a torrent of words to rebut your opponent, but hiding their key point by mentioning it only as an offhand comment or aside, and then continuing as if it had never been said.

This fallacy gives the illusion of:  I brought up their point so […]

NOM's Rhode Island Strategy: Incoherence

Christopher Plante, who heads up NOM’s Rhode Island franchise, says:

The National Organization for Marriage- Rhode Island is disappointed that Governor-elect Chafee… refuses to listen to the voice of over 80% of Rhode Islanders who want the right to vote on marriage. It is clear that Governor-elect Chafee intends to put fringe issues and radical […]

Delusional People on TV

Sarah Palin writes in her new book:

Did you ever wonder where the producers of ‘American Idol’ come up with the seemingly endless supply of people who can’t sing but are deluded enough to get up in front of a national television audience and screech out a song anyway? … These self-esteem-enhanced but talent-deprived performers eventually […]

Debt vs. Deficit (continued)

I have to give thanks to our old friend North Dallas 30* for pointing out research concerning this claim I made in “Debt vs. Deficit”:

That’s why tax cuts for the rich have a much smaller impact:  the rich allocate a much smaller fraction of their income to buying goods and services.

First, let me clarify that […]

The Fed and the Money Supply

After I posted “Debt vs. Deficit”  a few people asked how the Fed controls the money supply. I’ve pulled up an old study guide I wrote 11 years ago for an online course, and excerpted and adapted it here.  If it reads a bit like an entry-level text, well, that’s what it is.

Light Enchiladas

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One of my favorite cookbooks is Light & Luscious (which you can now buy for almost nothing).

Each page shows two versions of a recipe:  one light and one, well, not so light.  The luscious versions are so over-the-top with butter, oil, and cream that I doubt anyone would actually make […]