Don't Make Children Cry (Part 1)

Brian Brown claims that pro-equality protesters in Providence intimidated children and made them cry.  Now I’m suspicious, because I’ve seen video from NOM.  I’ve seen arguments and shouting and a mother complaining of a scary, extended encounter that somehow mysteriously was not itself taped (what could explain that?).  But I haven’t seen the crying children […]

Hallelujah, Brian Brown Doesn't Want to Lynch Us

Brian Brown is against the lynching of gays.

That’s great to know.  The current president of NOM disagrees with those of his supporters who want to lynch gays.  Now all I’m waiting for is a reply to my February email to NOM’s founder, Maggie Gallagher:  when a beauty pageant contestant called for the death of gays, […]

A Quote for Today

From Bradley Miller:

Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is just as important to the child as to the caterpillar.

Sometimes Ya Just Got to Yell

Some people have given me flack on my NOM logo redesign.  They say it’s unfair because the original sign, the one with the his-and-his nooses, did not come from the NOM leadership.

They have a point.

But that doesn’t mean they’re right.

I have to admit, that graphic was not my most intellectual effort.  When I saw the […]

Maggie Gallagher and Killing Gays

The current ruckus isn’t NOM’s first intersection with people who want to kill gays.  Here’s a repost of a blog entry from last February.

I had an email exchange with NOM president Maggie Gallagher.  By now you’ve probably heard the following quote from Lauren Ashley, Miss Beverly Hills (trying to become Miss California […]

The Solution to Gay Marriage

Here’s Maggie Gallagher repeating her current strategy heartfelt reasons for opposing gay marriage:

Gay activists treat Americans who disagree with them about same-sex marriage like bigots.

They want to use the law to suppress and marginalize and stigmatize.

It’s just shameful and wrong for these activists to try and portray good Americans in that way.

That’s why the hatred…the […]

NOM's Ugly Disdain for Adoptive Parents

Poor Maggie Gallagher.  She hired active bigot Louis Marinelli to run the NOM Marriage Tour, and he just keeps screwing up.  In his description of the Columbus, Ohio, tour stop he spits in the face of adoptive parents everywhere:

There was one couple (one of those bolder [gay] couples who came into the rally […]

The Argument Ex Contradictio

Molotov Mitchell is the far-right video commentator who tells lies about Uganda’s Kill-the-Gays Bill:

A deliberate disinfo campaign has convinced tons of people that Ugandans want nothing short of gay genocide.  I decided to look deeper.  This isn’t my opinion, this isn’t Rick Warren’s opinion, this isn’t even MSNBC’s monolithic gay opinion.  This is what’s in […]

Breaking News: Truth Is On Our Side

The Public Religion Research Institute has released a heartening — yet frustrating — survey on support for marriage equality in California.  I’m still digesting it, but this leapt out at me.

PRRI first asked about marriage vs. civil unions vs. no recognition at all:

Marriage: 42%
Civil unions: 31%
No recognition: 24%

Then PRRI added the condition that “no church […]

Sandwiches and the Right to Marry

I drive into work two days a week and work from home the other three.  Will’s on summer break (for him, that means working but not going to school) and he packs a lunch for my office days.  This, of course, is just more sinful homosexual behavior.  Today’s big moral threat to society is a […]