Malawi: A Joyous Update

Evil gay imperialists have succeeded.  The president of Malawi has pardoned two men separated and sentenced to fourteen years hard labor for holding a public engagement ceremony:

[President] Mutharika, who has in the past dismissed homosexuality as alien, said he had set them free on humanitarian grounds.

“These boys committed a crime against our culture, our […]

Heterosexual Pride Month

President Obama has declared June to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.

As Americans, it is our birthright that all people are created equal and deserve the same rights, privileges, and opportunities.  Since our earliest days of independence, our Nation has striven to fulfill that promise.  An important chapter in our […]

Malawi, the Victim of Evil Gay Imperialism

I’ve said nothing so far about the two men in Malawi who were separated and sentenced to fourteen years hard labor for having a public engagement ceremony.  That’s wrong of me.  But the enormity of it is so overwhelming.  It’s so alien, too.  I don’t even know what to say.  My approach in this blog […]

8-Month-Old Hearing Mom for the First Time

Watch his face.

H/T to Andrew Sullivan.

Uganda: Looking Deeper

I’ve written before about Uganda’s Kill-the-Gays-and-All-their Friends bill.  Apparently it’s even worse than I thought.  We’ve already established that it doesn’t kill gays only.  It sentences to death “serial offenders” of homosexuality and “related offences,” which include things that have nothing to do with gay sex.  For instance, a straight person could be put to death if they […]

Gay Nazis

You know what inspired Bryan Fischer’s diatribe on savage gay Nazis?  Scott Lively’s book, The Pink Swastika.  Lively argues that butch gays started the Nazi movement and were the engine that powered its evil.  The Pink Swastika is a crazy, fringe book and historians have debunked it thoroughly.  Here, for instance, is a quote from Heinrich Himmler in […]

“Romantic Orientation”

I’m training myself to say “romantic orientation” instead of “sexual orientation.”  Conservatives triggered this by promoting their no-homosexuals-just-homosexual-conduct lie.  I’m still aggravated that Janice Shaw Crouse (and others) say I don’t need to act on my “vulnerablity” to homosexuality, and they can free me from “the bondage of sinful behavior.”

See, I act on this vulnerability […]

Yeah, Because HOMOSEXUALS Are Savage...

Start with this from the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer.

Follow it up with this from…the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer.

Here’s the actual Biblical passage, giving us a very clear picture of what Fischer wants for us:

So Moses said to Israel’s judges, “Each of you must put to death those of your men who have joined […]

More NOMsense

The National Organization for Marriage must think we’re dumb.  Seriously.  Here’s their reaction to Republican Charles Djou winning a House seat in a very Democratic district.

Charles Djou’s victory shows that when it comes to marriage there are no red or blue states, only Americans who believe in the common sense idea that marriage […]

Mothers Marrying Daughters: Ask Rep. Steve King

Iowa Representative Steve King issued a press release last week about gay marriage:

Unfortunately, we’ve seen another legislative session pass without action on either a constitutional amendment to overturn the [Iowa State Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage], or a marriage license residency requirement to keep the harmful effects of the court’s decision from being […]