They REALLY Don't Understand Us

Brian Brown has taken over the leadership of NOM from Maggie Gallagher (who would now presumably take the title bigot emeritus — if she were a bigot, that is, which she continually tells us she is not).  Brian Brown, sadly, likes to write blog entries in which he explains us to his followers, which he does […]

Concerned Women of America: Not So Concerned with Truth

Concerned Women of America strenuously opposes marriage equality, and like most of our outrage-sputtering opponents, they’re not much worried about small technical issues like honesty or truth. We’ve seen this before with Janice Shaw Crouse, and now we’re seeing it in the financial reform debate. This is from their blog post, “Senator Levin Needs His […]

Don’t Go Into The Woods Today

One of my favorite commercials ever.

This Blog Will Be Participating

Now I just have to learn how to draw.

Maybe this will shut up the stupidheads who say gays are too scared to stand up to Muslim terrorists. And yes, there’s a huge difference between “Muslims” and “Muslim terrorists.”

Hairy Toes

Lucas has little tufts of hair that sprout up between his toes. Will finds it endlessly adorable. And I, in turn, find that endlessly adorable.

Meanwhile, I’ve hard a very hard, very successful week, along with two glasses of wine, and Lucas and I won’t get to see Will until tomorrow afternoon. At […]

Rosie Rocks

I never expected to hold up Rosie O’Donnell as a model of reasonable debate, but here she is:

I love her tone here. She’s the anti-Maggie Gallagher. She’s co-opted Maggie’s sad, knowing tone, but she does it better.

I do wish she’d pressed him a on a few issues. She could have pointed […]

Sick Queers: The Mask Falls Away

I’ve taken a stand against throwing the H8 label at everyone who opposes same-sex marriage.  But it grows ever more obvious that the leaders of that opposition do deserve the label.  They try to mask it, but they can’t help letting it show. 

Here’s a quote from the American Family Association:

Does AFA Hate Homosexuals?

Absolutely Not! The same Holy […]

The Paralysis of Backed-Up Anger

I’m part of a team developing cultural awareness training for executives so the company can expand internationally as smoothly as possible.  Yesterday I was sitting in on Day 1 of a 4-day pilot of the program.

We kicked off the morning with an exercise where the class broke into two groups, each with a different set of […]

Stand By Your Man

Watch the video first.

Loaded Words

Equality foe, anti-gay activist, and general tough guy Matt Barber gives us this wonderful statement.

[Homosexuality] is a deviation from the norm, that’s why you call it “deviant sexual behavior.”  It’s not a pejorative.  We’re not saying “you’re a deviant.”  We’re saying “your sexual behavior is deviant.”

Matt Barber’s thinking is crap.  Crap’s just another word for […]