Just Don’t Wear New Shoes

Second Place!

I won second place in a small graphics contest!  That might not seem significant — second place is just top loser, after all — but I’m a word guy.  Graphics aren’t as easy for me as prose can sometimes (occasionally) be.  I’m working to improve my visual imagination and I set this contest as a […]

Even Special Rights Don't Give Us Equality

In a wonderful, disturbing, half-assed, ludicrous, delightful development, the University of Syracuse is going to pay $1,000 to gay and lesbian employees who get health insurance for their partners through the university’s domestic partner program.   This is meant to help rectify the federal tax burden imposed on domestic partners, a burden that opposite-sex married couples don’t face.

Wonderful:  it’s […]

Vintage Creepy Heterosexuality

[Thanks to Andrew Sullivan.]

Gays, Lesbians, and Health Reform

Federal tax law discriminates against same-sex couples when it comes to health coverage, and I’ve been asked whether the current push for health care reform will fix that.  No one can say for sure, but it doesn’t seem likely.  That’s based on reporter Chris Johnson’s conversation with official House lesbian Tammy Baldwin:

Two of the major LGBT […]

Lucas Does Not Like Noisy Wind


The Congressional Budget Office has released its report on Obama’s health care plan.  It’s projected to bring a $130 billion deficit reduction in the first ten years, and further reductions of up to $1.2 trillion in the second ten. 

The wonderful Ezra Klein sums up the politics of voting against the bill:

The Dentist Effect

A butterfly can flap its wings and conjure up storms a thousand miles away?  Apparently the same is true of dentists.

A conservative Texan dentist has taken control over what schools across the country will teach your kids about history, social studies, and civil rights.  Here’s how it happened.

Texas is the biggest single buyer of textbooks […]

The Imaginary World of Peter Labarbera

It’s a bit silly to write about Peter Labarbera — kind of like warning people that the homeless man raving at the clouds isn’t really a meteorologist.  But his misinformation occasionally rains down into the mainstream media, so it’s good to flush the sewers every now and then.  His latest message is this, […]

Today is Bayard Rustin's Birthday

Bayard Rustin taught Martin Luther King about non-violent activism, made the 1963 March on Washington happen, and was nearly written out of civil rights history because he was gay.

His biography is an essential read.