Sometimes I Hate This

I’m gratified by the response to “Protect the Children (and mean it).”  I’m proud of the video.

I hated making it.

I procrastinated on researching, writing, and taping the thing.  The first round of video was so awful I scrapped it and shot it again.  Every tiny glitch in the animation felt like a fingernail scraping across […]

Maggie Gallagher's War on Adoptive Parents

A new government study is out, and it has NOM president Maggie Gallagher singing a happy song.  In her Thursday blog post she writes:

Question: What kind of family structure best protects children from child abuse?

Answer: Married biological parents. (see page 5-25).

All the other family structures studied (which does not include same-sex parent families probably because […]

It’s Not About Bigotry. Honest!

Kelly Glossip and Dennis Engelhard

Missouri Highway Patrol trooper Cpl. Dennis Engelhard was killed on Christmas day in the line of duty.  He was struck by an out-of-control SUV on the side of the Interstate 44 while assisting at the scene of an accident.  Engelhard’s same-sex partner of nearly 15 years, Kelly Glossip, will receive […]

A New Honor

According to an online critic, I am one of the:

Homomafioso of Queer, Incorporated who oversee the image of Faggotry love

Can I get that on a t-shirt?

Lucas — Then and Now

Summer, 2008:

Christmas, 2009:

AIDS LifeCycle: Biking from S.F. to L.A.

From June 6-12 I’ll be cycling from San Francisco to LA (545 miles!), raising money to fight AIDS.  I did this in ’97 and ’98, and again finally last year (you can read my account of that ride; start at the bottom of the page for the earliest entries).

This year I’m hoping to raise $5000.  […]

Protect the Children (and mean it)

The Prop 8 trial, predictably, has shown our opposition spreading this most vicious lie about the LGBT community.

Homosexuals are 12 times more likely to molest children.

This particular version comes from William Tam, who volunteered be a defendant in the trial against Prop 8 and then dropped out, claiming the publicity might lead us to take […]


Birthday dinner at Larchmont Grill started with Will and me splitting their trademark macaroni and cheese (they serve it in a skillet).  I had their French onion soup as well — tastes soooo good to switch back and forth.  Will’s not a glutton, so he stuck with the mac and cheese as his only appetizer.  […]


I’m 48 today.

By an odd twist of fate, it’s Will’s birthday, too. We’re going out to dinner at our favorite “special night” place, Larchmont Grill. I called them and told them it was my birthday and my boyfriend’s, too. The host got all happy-sounding and put down a special note next to our reservation, so […]

Ha Ha Ha, Gay Bashing! Ha Ha Ha, Funny!

Notre Dame University’s independent student newspaper, The Observer, ran this cartoon on Jan 13.

–  What’s the easiest way to turn a fruit into a vegetable?

-  No idea.

-  A baseball bat.

The paper has apologized.   The authors have apologized, too, though they mangle it by saying they put the joke in the mouth of the […]