Day Six (Part 2)

On Day Six I woke to the patter of rain on the tent in the middle of the night.  It subsided quickly and I fell back asleep thinking, “Thank God.”  Until it woke me up again at 4:30am.  Then I felt a drip on my face.  And another.  AIDS LifeCycle tents aren’t waterproof.  My tentmate […]

Still Suffering

The flu still has me in its grip.  I swear I was never this tired, dehydrated, and overheating when I was biking last week.  The fever’s broken, though, so I think I’m on the men.

Sorry for the delay

I’m home safe and sound, but just after I arrived I got hit with a flu, the really bad kind, the kind that makes you feel like sitting up on the couch to reach for ibuprofen is an impossible task. I should have an update up later today.

Day Six

For the first time in the 16-year history of the event, a day on the ride was cancelled. It started with late- night rain storms, but we’ve ridden in rain before. This time, though, the California Highway Patrol delayed us and then shut us down due to intense storms on hazardous terrain, coupled […]

Day Five

Was a very hard

Wake up: 5:20am
Ride out: 7:35am
Arrive: 3:45pm
Miles: 67
Avg speed: 13.4 mph

The wind shifted today and I got hit with headwinds. And you know how I feel about headwinds. They’re much worse than hills. Hills give you a sense of accomplishment. Headwinds are just evil, life-sucking demons. At one point I was […]

I Miss My Guyz

Will and Lucas, after Lucas’s first encounter with the Furminator.

Day Four

Wake up: 5:15am
Ride out: 7:25am
Arrive: 5:20pm
Miles: 94
Avg speed: 14.5mph–I found my cyclometer would work if I pulled it out of its holder and licked its backside every few hours.

Absolutely spectacular day of riding. Cool morning of biking along the Pacific, then moving inland to beautiful green landscape with the sun burning off the last […]

Day Three

My touchscreen makes it tough to moderate comments (I accidentally deleted some as spam!) So I’ll wait till i get back to do that.

Wake up: 4:30am
Get up: 5:15 am
Ride out: 7:20am
Arrive: 2:20pm
Miles: 67
Avg speed: my cyclometer messed up yesterday so i have no idea. This is good because I spend a lot time […]

Day Two

Blogging is buggy from the phone so pics will have to wait.

Mileage: 107 miles. Or as I like to call it, one hundred and fucking-seven miles.
Ride out: 7am
Arrive: 5:10pm
Best: stupendous tail winds that turned rolling hills into a self-powered roller coaster. Woo!
Great: a class of elementary school kids lined up along the road to cheer […]

Day One

Blogging from my phone all week.

Today’s miles: 79
Ride out: 7am
Arrive: 3:30pm
Avg speed: 13.1 mph
Worst: early san francisco freezing mist that bit like a million tiny wet mocking blades
Best: the unofficial pie stop run by sweet volunteer ladies
Biking along the ocean in beautiful sun with blessed tailwinds
The riderless bike procession at opening ceremonies (choked up)
Embarassing moment: […]