Day Zero

I’m in San Francisco and just completed the LifeCycle ortientation training (NOT sexual orientation training–I gmisread the brochure. Damn it.). Getiing up tomorrow at 4:30am. Seriously. Just some of the 2500 bikes ready to roll out pictured below. Wish me luck. And DONATE! Http://

Biking My Butt Off

From May 31-June 6 I’ll be cycling from San Francisco to LA (545 miles!), raising money to fight AIDS. The ride starts in 3 days and I’m waaay behind in my fundraising efforts.

So if you’ve enjoyed this blog or my videos, please give what you can. I love those triple-donations, but I’m grateful […]

Talking Equality

So we lost the CA Supreme Court fight.  Boo hoo.  We’ll win the war.

The next step in our battle will be to talk to EVERYONE we know about marriage equality. This video is my first stab at developing a set of answers to our opponents’ objections. I hope it can help prepare people and give […]

Don’t Flip-Flop on DOMA

Cute video from Sean Chapin:

Don’t flip-flop on DOMA.

Moral Authority

Opponents of marriage equality in New York are having a hard time getting their act together. One reason? From the New York Times:

The state’s Roman Catholic bishops have been somewhat distracted, too, having focused their lobbying energies this session on defeating a bill that would extend the statute of limitations for victims of […]

DADT: Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach

Handsome, strong, articulate, humble. And heroic. Watch.

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Day of Decision

Confused about when the Supreme Court will hand down its decision on Prop 8? Unsure of what to do the day it’s announced? My friend Matt has put together a great orientation video so you can make like a hamster (just watch the vid).

Go Whoopi.

I always get drawn into the this clip from The View, and how Whoopi handles herself in the discussion.  She has a great solid demeanor during the whole thing — not confrontational, but not backing off her beliefs.  It’s a great little case study for how to talk about marriage equality with people who don’t […]

I Want My Same-Sex Discount!

By now, you’ve probably seen this insane analysis by Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele on how marriage equality will hurt small business:

Now all of a sudden I’ve got someone who wasn’t a spouse before, that I had no responsibility for, who is now getting claimed as a spouse that I now have financial responsibility for. […]

Jon Stewart on DADT

Has everyone seen this yet? Brilliant. The gay stuff begins about three minutes in.  And, oops, in my first version of this post, I left out the best part (in the second video).

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