“Why do you need the word ‘marriage’?”

I’ve seen documentaries about Brown v. Topeka, and the producers always compare a spiffy 1950s whites-only school with a ramshackle “negro” schoolhouse. That made me think the Supreme Court struck down the “separate but equal” doctrine because the equal part never really happened. But if you read the Brown decision, the Court believed the separate […]

Light Up the Night

Be the Light in the Night

November’s election cast a wintry darkness over the lives of gays and lesbians throughout California. But light will cast out darkness, and we can be that light. Show your candle, show your flame, show yourself. Show the world what shines inside your heart, and light up the […]

How to begin?

I volunteered to lead a protest.

Yeah, it’s about gay marriage. The Prop 8 vote woke me up.

Go back to when I was a kid: I was a great student and lousy at sports. That double-whammy will get you picked on even by the kids who get picked on. I was tall and scrawny with a […]